1003 Reserve Power

Hi, I thought I would test the reserve power of my 1003/1 (17 Jewels) movement compared to the latest currently available model 1003/3 which states a reserve power of 31 hours approximately.

I was pleasantly surprised to record 34 3/4 hours from a full wind until the watch stopped.

i don't know if the original 1003 movement from 1955 also had 31 hours of reserve power or if this was a later improvement with the 1003/1.

This is part of my own attempt to try and discover the differences between the various 1003 sub-calibres created since the 1955 original.



thanks for the heads up. Often brands announce a certain power reserve where
05/24/2016 - 14:55

they can guaranty accuracy but the watches have a longer power reserves but the accuracy is not guaranteed for the last hours