1st post - watch and polishing questions

Firstly let me say what a great forum!!!!! and what great bunch of people!!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and learning about VC. I have now decided to tale the plunge and purchase a watch with a C 1003 movement or a 222 (if I can find one in good condition) but I have not pulled the trigger yet. I have found a white gold watch with a c1003 movement which the seller says he lightly polished. My questions are - is buying a polished watch an issue and how do I know if the polish was conservative and not extreme? What should I look out for? or avoid? - My preference was to buy a used and untouched watch then send it to VC to have it refurbished. Is this realistic? And how close can VC return a watch to mint? (I found a gold 222 but it is quite banged up and the bevel has a couple of chips out of the squares) - what are the best vintage automatic and chrono movements that VC made? (so I can read up on them) - does anyone know (or have) where i can purchase a steel or gold 222. Thanks Hamish
I think the most important is to make sure all the hallmarks (gold,
11/03/2012 - 17:15
casemaker etc...) are still perfectly visible and have not been brushed out and that the lugs retain their edges. Welcome to the Lounge :-)
White gold presents its own issues.
11/04/2012 - 04:30
Most white gold watches, especially older ones, were originally plated with rhodium because nickel-alloy white gold is somewhat grayish or yellowish. (Some modern white gold is made with palladium instead of nickel and is brighter in color.) That means that old white gold watches really are not polishable as the polishing will expose the underlying metal. There is a process for removing and replacing the plating; if you are looking at a plated watch and anything other than replating has been done you should make sure you get a good look at the watch before buying it.
Hamish welcome to the Lounge. Regrading the vintage caliber questions
11/05/2012 - 12:26
it is hard to really say what is best or not but ccal 1120 which has been around for 45 years is really amazing. Chrono movements have been few but the currents Lemania based 1141 has been working flawlessly for decades. Here's an article on the VC vintage chronos : click here Here's an article on VC sultra slim watches and where I mention cal 1120: click here