2 SIHH-related questions

1) Why is it that every time VC releases a new model, if only offered in one metal, it is always RG?

2) In your opinion, what are the most outstanding watches of this year (all brands, not just from VC)?


Re: 2 SIHH-related questions
01/22/2011 - 04:36
I will try to answer your question, especially question 1. 1. I think the reason new models are launched in one metal (for example RG) is a combination of:- - Limitations (initial) of production capacity (VC is a low volume brand, and I assume it takes time to get models out to market, and it is a question of sourcing of raw materials / numbers / costs etc. - like any product / manufacturing) ; and - To keep something for later. (Suppose VC, or any other watch brand, does not manage to get a new calibre or model ready for the next SIHH/Basel, they can always release an existing model in a new metal (WG, or YG). Or they can always launch a model in a new metal at random intervals during the year to keep watch geeks and customers satisfied.  Most brands do this. 2. While I have not gone to SIHH, I think Lange has a new Tourbillon (PLM with fusee and chain) that is a great technical achievement. Also, JLC's new Minute Repeater that is activated with a "curtain" and its Reverso Gyrotourbillon in (I think RG) which I find nice to look at.  I will wait for Alex to post pics of great watches from other brands at SIHH 2011. His taste / choice of watches of other brands never fails to disappoint me.
I agree with KK, the reason each new watch is
01/22/2011 - 12:07
Available in only one metal is due to lack of production capacity.There are a limited amount of movements and arbitrations need to me made as into which model they should go, for example the WT will be made in less than 300 pieces this year so it would have been impossible to offer it in another metal. As for rose gold, I think it was chosen as it is by far the most popular model. I'll get back to you next week on the novelties from other brands
Thanks KK and Alex
01/22/2011 - 23:43
I guess fromyour answers my first question was not formulated very well... I understand the rationale/strategy of releasing a new model in only one model, I was just wondering why it was always done in RG as opposed to WG... Alex, I am surprised by your response on this - RG is really the favored metal of VC owners? So does VC sell a lot more of RG models than WG? Based on the Loungers, I would have thought that the WG/RG split would be more equal... I get that RG gives watches a warmer, more colorful look, but I do think that sometimes for certain models 'cool white' goes better... CHeers, Francois
Re: 2 SIHH-related questions
01/24/2011 - 11:01
Francois A lot of good-looking watches and innovations, but the shock of the SIHH for me (in a good way) is the 'jump' in baume & Mercier watches... take a look at the new Chrono and tell me you don't like it.... I liked them last year, and they added another 1966 chrono this, but the GP watches look great too. My favourites are the chronos and the full calendar (also called the 'Nash' I think) is to die for and in only 199 pieces with a palladium dial (if not case as well? - not sure about that, probably white gold). The Richard Lange PLM with enamel white dial and fusee.... OMG. Now if you want a stealth watch, this is it! Not many of them at 50... and probably next to impossible to get one, but boy if you can - Just Do It! For Ladies - the Van Cleef & Arpels watches are awesome (I mean extraordinary!) From VC the WT is great, but WT's are not my 'bag'; but if you get the chance (or Alex can oblige here?) take a look at the Geneva Boutique Edition (only) Perpetual... in Rose again (!!) but it is sublime - and that I could be tempted to look at again if I had the opportunity.... Only 30 pieces I think if I remember well. A retrograde date at top, windows for day and month between the centre hands and 6 o'clock.... and  leap year indication as a small circular window with a coloured dot that changes each year rather than a number or letter... I really, really liked this watch. Also, the QdL in titanium I think, all grey dial and grey rubber strap - this for me was the best looking QdL. I have to say I didn't really 'get' the Qdl, but now there is a solid dial version (which I like a lot less) I kinda get the original much more - and am coming round to it. VC - the solid dial is a compromise and it is not the same watch now. Sorry you didn't make it this year Francois, i hope to see you next year (and in the menatime in London for another beer and photo oppotunity!) G
Great minds think alike Mr G!
01/25/2011 - 19:44
I do find the new B&M VERY attractive... I wonder what's the price range for those - if they remain within the usual B&M bracket, it's pretty damn good value for money! YOu've got me intrigued with this Geneva Boutique Edition perpetual... Is it by any chance the Malte Perpetual Calendar Retrograde Automatique that you are referring to?  A beer would be most welcomed, Gary - send me an email and we can organise in the coming weeks if you're planning to be in London town... Cheers,  Francois
See JB's photos put up today (FRI 28th Jan)..
01/28/2011 - 15:23
... the first watch is the Perpetual for the GVA Boutique = 30 pieces.. G