2 whom ever is interested

Good day!

I am from Romania,Bucharest.I have a Vacheron  Constantin from sometime around 1930-1940.

It belonged to my grandfather.I went with it toHelvetansa,which  is the only retailer who sells Vacheron Constantin in Romania,to have it authenticated.

They explaned that this is one of the first wrist watches  who had the mechanism of a pocket watch.

They also advised me to try to contact you in the case you would be interested by this model.

2 whom ever is interested2 whom ever is interested
it does look like a recased pocket watch as VC's 1st wrist watches
06/14/2010 - 11:53
were from 1910-1915 and used women's pocket watch movements and were much smaller. If you would like to have your watch authentificated you should contact VC in Geneva for a certificate.