2008 Japan market LE

With SIHH just around the corner, I thought I would share some photos of the 2008 Japan LE I had the chance to check out a while back.  I know the photography is lousy but even Alex started out this way!2008 Japan market LE

Anyway, I visited one of the larger watch fairs in the Western Japan area and I got to see the Japan LE in the metal for the first time.  It also gave me a chance to get reunited with the QdI.

Date Automatic in Palladium and Titanium with leather strap
2008 Japan market LE

Day-Date and Power Reserve in Titanium with leather strap
2008 Japan market LE

The two samples you see here just arrived in time for the Fair.  I can understand the limited samples at this point, however, I wish they had more imaginative combinations on hand.  The available samples were a far cry from what was on display at SIHH and failed to convey the full potential of the product.  I'm sure a WG and Ti combi on rubber strap would have made such an impact and stirred up everyone's imagination.  Anyway, I suppose the situation will improve as stocks build up.  Fortunately, the gentlemen from VC Japan helped save the day.  As always they were very accomodating and friendly despite having to stand behind the showcase the whole day.  

Next, they let me handle the 2008 Japan LE.  Last year saw a very sporty take on the OS dial design.  This year it is a completely new design on more classic lines.

The 38mm RG case is taken from the Patrimony Traditionelle line and the skeletonized movement is propably the same cal. 1120 used on the regular production open-worked Patrimony.
2008 Japan market LE

2008 Japan market LE

I think they did a good job with this design.  Although there might be mixed feelings on this, I think the minute track really tied the design with the regular Traditionelle dial.  Of course the engraving on the movements was spectacular.  It would have been interesting to see a skeletonized version of VCs new in-house automatic movement inside but I guess the price would have been very restrictive.  As it is, the USD 50k range price made sure that it was not going to leave my wish list and join my collection anytime soon.  It was a really handsome piece in the metal though.

(A simulated wrist shot...this time with a better shirt on, Doc)
2008 Japan market LE

2008 Japan market LE

(And finally with my Darling from Geneva)
2008 Japan market LE

Thank you for reading.  Hope this serves to whet you appetites for the goodies that VC has prepared for SIHH this year.  Who knows, there might be yet other models to take design cues from the this Japan LE.

Correction regarding the QdI portion..
01/01/2009 - 18:05
Sorry, I mentioned wanting to see a "WG and Ti combination" when I meant to say "Rose Gold and Titanium" combi.  As you can see, there wasn't much contrast between the Palladium and Ti so an RG and Ti on rubber strap would've really made the watches stand out. At that time, there was very limited exposure for the new line since samples had yet to arrive.  I haven't been around much lately but it will be interesting to hear what the ADs have to say about customer reaction. Kazumi
Thanks for sharing Kazumi...
01/01/2009 - 23:01
Having seen a couple different permutations of a RG/TI combination Quai de l'Ile, I would have to say that it is an excellent mix and extremely attractive..  When you consider that there are also the 3 different dials to work with, then you really have a lot of striking versions to choose from.  I hope that you get an opportunity to see them in the metal soon. Cheers, Duncan
This is the Skeleton's "Clothed" Brother
01/01/2009 - 22:37
Re: This is the Skeleton's "Clothed" Brother
01/02/2009 - 03:09
I must confess, I do have a weakness for that watch...sigh Regards, Joseph
me loo, love the subseconds dial position (nt)
01/02/2009 - 10:24
Has a nice vintage appeal to it...nt
01/02/2009 - 14:35
a slight correction..
01/02/2009 - 00:22
the QDI automatic is probably only in palladium and not palladium/titanium because personalisation is not yet possible on this model yet. Thanks for sharing scans of the watch and your shirt , I'm not a huge fan of skeleton watches but can definately appreciate the craftsmanship and the painstaking work that goes in making one. As usual Japan seems to be a testing ground and I wouldn't be surprised to see a "regular" production version.
Re: 2008 Japan market LE
01/03/2009 - 13:48
Thank you Kazumi !! The work is incredible, but I am not fan of the white rail, a bad mix in my opinion
Thanks for the pics and info Kazumi!
01/04/2009 - 13:28
Japan is really special to VC