6394 Update

A chance encounter at VC's restorations department has provided a bit of additional info to my previous review of the Ref 6394 with linen-pattern bezel.

While I was examining the horological wonders laying about, the watchmaker took notice of the 6394 I was wearing.  He and Laurent examined it closely under the loupe and chatted back and forth so I asked what was up.  They were interested in the guilloche bezel as they had a piece in for restoration.

The watchmaker then produced the watch they were considering and, surprise, it was a stainless steel version.  I have never seen or heard of the reference 6394 in steel!  The case manufacturer was Eggly & Cie (case mark "Key 1"), who also did the 6694 cases.  So please add this fact to your files.
01/25/2011 - 23:32
01/26/2011 - 22:19
01/26/2011 - 22:41
How cool is that??? A SS ref. 6394
01/26/2011 - 05:51
Hi Dean, Did you get a chance to take a picture? BR, Dan
now that is RARE! did you take pictures?
01/26/2011 - 10:54
01/26/2011 - 22:19
Thanks Dean!
01/26/2011 - 22:41
It is beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky owner!  It will be phenomenal, through and through, after VC completes its restoration/service.  BR, Dan