About Cal. 1132

Recently acquired a Les Historiques 1912 with Cal. 1132.  I've read Alex's earlier post with briefly mentioned it.  Other then that information is rather scarce.  Is the movement still being used?  Any close up of this extra thin?  Thank you.

A Healhy & Happy 2012 to All

Hi Melvin, Here are a couple of pictures of cal 1132
12/30/2011 - 12:39
I believe it is 2.00mm thick.  It was primarily used in your classic 1912, but it was also used in a few other watches as well (I can't recall the model numbers off the top of my head).  This movement is based on a F-P 8.10 ebauche. VC is now using its own, in-house, manufactured movements in all of its watches (except for the OS line).  Therefore cal 1132 is not being used for any current models. Please post some pictures of your beauty! Best Regards, Dan
Thanks Dan. It's very nicely finished, as one would have
12/30/2011 - 13:44
expected from VC, even though it is an ebauche.  Will certainly post the photos of my 1912 when it's back from servicing.