About the chronograph perpetual

Dear friends, 

What do you think of the perpetual chronograph ? 

On the aesthetic level, it's perfect (well, except this stupidly oversized case.) 

But, on the technical level, what do you think ? It's the Lemania movement, right ? Is it now made by VC or just finished by VC (It seems to me Lemania is not selling anymore movements) ? 
It's a good movement, no question about this. But, is it as good as a Lange Dato Perpetual that retails for the same price (even slightly less) ? Not sure at all... 

Also : is VC developing a new movement to replace this one ?


About the chronograph perpetual

Lemania chrono
07/31/2011 - 13:23

the Lemania chrono movement is an absolute legend - used by VC, Patek etc over decades. It works beautifully and looks even better. My understanding is that VC do a lot to it in terms of finishing. VC are, though, working on their own chrono movement - Juan Carlos Torres said as much in a recent interview I read, admittedly in reference to the Overseas models. Suspect that might bring up the price of that line, which would be a shame. As for the Lange Dato, I don't know it well enough to comment though it looks beautiful

08/03/2011 - 04:18

We all know about Lemania chrono, but PLEASE,

can't someone tonight or tomorrow, write something about Lemania movements as general.

I have to act fast!!!

I have two intersting vintage on hand.

About  60 years old only hours and minutes.

A traditional movement.   Cal 3050 and   Cal 3060 

Also another 40 years old stop watch Cal 8108,

All info received with utmost appreciation!!!



I really like this version. The engraved moon is almost
08/02/2011 - 12:37

reason enough to buy the watch!

here are 2 different threads on this movement (albeit in different cases)



The Lemania base chrono movement is probably one of the finest current manual wind chronograph movements, used by VC, Breguet and Patek. The perpetual calendar module is an inhouse development by VC.