About repairing watches in Frankfurt, Germany

Dear all!
Two years ago (12/10/2007) I bought at Friedrich shop (60313 Frankfurt/M - Goethestrasse 9) Men’s watch VACHERON CONSTANTIN, model “Patrimony”, Ref.: 47200/000J-9018.
Unfortunately half a year back (this spring) Power Reserve in my watch failed. Now I am able to set the watches only by hand, because Power Reserve doesn’t work (without any rotation from the back side). I am going to visit Frankfurt at the beginning of October for two days. In other words, is it possible to repair somewhere my watch during my visit to Frankfurt – within these 2 days? I have already sent email to this Friedrich shop, but didn't receive any answer from them. Thanks for the help!
Hi Mila, I assume that the watch no longer winds? I think you should
10/02/2009 - 12:54
leave it at the retailer but I doubt this issue can be delt with in only 2 days as the movement will need to be dis assebled, checked, reassembled and re tested.