Absolute disappointment

I hope this is the right place to rant. I was so excited that I had the perfect opportunity to visit the new Boutique at South Coast Plaza so I drove from San Diego to Costa Mesa early this morning. I had high hope to finally try on a Quaide de L'ile to see how I like the size and how it looks on me. To make the long story short without going into much detail, the Boutique Manager made me felt absolutely out of place and I never felt so humiliated. To say the least my visit there was extremely short, and I honestly believe that Boutique lost a potential sales today. Where are the hospitality and friendliness I am accustomed to with the VC NYC Boutique? Needless to say I will never return to the South Coast Plaza Boutique.
Eddie, that is not good and I can feel your disappointment :-( I have
01/28/2013 - 11:39
sent you a PM
That Sucks Eddie!
01/28/2013 - 14:37
I have to be honest and say I've felt unwelcome at some non-VC owned Retailers.  But not at a VC Boutique yet. You should be upset, VC has done bette and can definitely do better. BR, Dan