advancing the date on VC 222

I've been looking for a 222 for a while and finally found one I liked - but have an immediate (and rather stupid) question : should I just wind the hands through a full 24 hours to advance the date, or is there a setting of the crown to advance the date day-by-day ? As you can tell, I've been unable to get the original manual, and I'd rather ask an existing owner than damage it by experimenting !
congrats on your find! the 222 is one of my dream watches: as for the
05/05/2011 - 09:47
date change I would think that if you pull out the crown one notch you can automatically advance the date. However yu should never change date between 10PM and 2PM because that's the period where the dates mechanism is under most stress and is gathering energy to jump to next date. Since you never know if its day or night time your watch is indicating I suggest using crown to advance to the day before the actual date then advancing the hands to set last day.
Schnelle Datumseinstellung
05/05/2011 - 18:15
Leonardo did a great synopsis on the 222 a few years back click here to see the post.  The factory spec sheet he posted (in German) included the phrase "schnelle datumseinstellung" which I take to mean Quick-Set Date?  Thank-goodness for that too...the one drawback to the 1070 calibers is the lack of a quick-set mechanism
Re: Schnelle Datumseinstellung
05/06/2011 - 00:56
Well spotted ! Only problem is that pulling the crown out a notch adjusts the time, not the date. If there's a second setting for the crown then all I can say is that either you have to pull it out really hard (doesn't seem like a good idea !), or incredibly carefully. Apart from that (!) it's great though. Wonderful condition for a 35 year old...
The 222 uses a K1121 movement?
05/11/2011 - 11:45
Hi, I didn't know it does not have a quick set date function. Like Tick-Talk said, the K1072/1 also does not have a quick set date function either.  I did ask VC (through the VC Concierge in the U.S.) about any method to set the date more easily. VC has told me that I could wind my watch past midnight to make the date change, keep setting it until 3am, and then turn it backwards until it reach 8pm.  Then repeat the process to advance to the next date. Although I was told this was OK, I rarely do it, just in case something happens. I don't know if this method applies to your watch movement, but you might want to ask? Best Regards, Dan
Re: The 222 uses a K1121 movement?
05/11/2011 - 21:57
The original full-size (dare I say "Jumbo") 222 was fitted with the caliber 1120, without date or center seconds, to achieve its record thinness.  Next version was date without seconds (1121), and finally the fully monty date and center seconds (1122).  The 1120 and 1121 ebauche was originally provided by JLC with Gyromax.  However, when VC dropped the Gyromax balance for a period then reinstated it, the nominclature was revised with 112X/1 to distinguish between the haves and have-nots.   The mid-size and ladies versions, and the square-cased models received a different movement.   The caliber 1121, as mentioned in the factory specifications sheet that Leonardo posted, does have schnelle datumseinstellung, or quick-set date.  Perhaps Alistair's watch needs servicing or the crown is a bit sticky. Thanks for the tip for an easier, or at least quicker, way to advance the date with caliber 1070 movements .  I'll give it a try.