Advice on Cruises with Watches: Travel Cases

When I got my Patek Calatrava, I went and got a travel case for it. While protecting the watch, the thing is big enough to hold a bazooka. So, I thought I'd better get something a bit more compact; however, when I tried to get my OS 1 in it, the bracelet would not allow it. (See pictures.)

Case 1 Travel Cases

So while my Patek will lie as flat as a lizard on a warm rock, my VC OS 1 stands grandly on its metal bracelet. (My wife's JLC Reverso with a similar metal band, I imagine will have a similar problem.) So in looking for something smaller than a steamer trunk, are there any recommendations for a 3-watch case that will accomodate those three watches?

Secondly, what about watches on cruises? We're going on a Baltic cruise this summer, and it includes many occasions for the more formal Patek and sportier events for my Vacheron Constantin Overseas--virtually every other occasion. (My wife's Reverso will have to cover both occasions.) Here are my concerns:

  1. Ocean air and possible effects on the watches.
  2. Securing them on the ship. The curise line is Oceania, and while they cater to a more mature group, any recommendations for securing the watches while not in the cabin.(By the way, I'm relatively new to cruises, and so if you have any recommendaitons or warnings, I'm interested.)
  3. While I pride myself as not standing out as a tourist (and target) while on tour, it's difficult not to do so when you don't speak the language and you're with an excursion group. Should we leave the watches on the ship, even for dressier occasions, or keep them on and judiciously keep them unobtrusive.
  4. Is there a special watch insurance? Can you get travel insurance for watches?

I realize these queries stretch the limits of appropriate topics on this forum, but I hope to gain the collective wisdom and experience of this group.


My wife got me this and I love it
02/14/2016 - 14:46

Dan also advised to use something between them to avoid "banging". Smart. 

That looks perfect!
02/14/2016 - 16:37


That looks just right. I'll see if I can find it on the Web. Smythson of Bond Street!



Got my case...
02/23/2016 - 00:13

It's okay, but as a roll I've got to prop it open. I need a little case for 4 watches that I can set down on my desk...and get those other two watches. The roll is a little small and the watches bounce around a bit.

Got my case...

Re: Advice on Cruises with Watches: Travel Cases
03/15/2016 - 18:52


My wife and I are annual cruisers, including the Oceania Marina and Riviera several times, crossing the Atlantic and around S. America. Otherwise, we also cruised on Princess, Holand America etc. a lot. And others too.

There is no bad experiece so far.

Before I got the VC Traditionelle, I took my IWC, Rolex, Omega with me. We are going again this Sunday for 21 days from Florida to east Caribbean and to Barcelona. I will take the Rolex DJII for deck activities, my VC to dining rooms, and the Jaeger LeCoultre Hometime to keep the "home time".

However, I would strongly recommend you not to wear any expensive watch on shore, esp if you would go to Saint. Pertersburg, (Russia or Florida). For lands, I wear my Citizen H610 limited edition. No one will be interested in a Citizen, no matter what edition it is. However, there is no gurantee 100% of cruisers are good people and the safe in the stateroom is 100% secured.

Oh! After I sent my VC to check the power reserve, it came back (I suspect NOT from Switzerland) with a small VC travel bag, very nice, fits the Traditionelle like a glove, with a small cushion inside, though not an expensive item. The original package comes with a display box and a travel box inside. This travel box is still too big, and I don't want to mess it up in travels.

I am also interested in the new OS Chrono after reading Alex's post. However, I read someone in this forum saying his OS is fast by 4 minutes (is it a week or a month?) My Omega and IWC were also fast by more than 4 minutes a month. After I sent them back (IWC to Switzerland, and the Omega to Toronto by the dealer) they are much better, but still not as accurate as the DJII and the Traditionelle.

Have fun.