Advice Needed for VC Newcomer

Hello. I've been holding on to a vintage VC that was a family member's. I know very little about vintage watches and was hoping to find some help on this forum. Although I would ideally keep this watch for sentimental reasons, I am more likely to sell it due to my financial situation. Besides, I'm sure a true VC aficionado would appreciate it more than me--I never wear it.

In April 2003, I had the watch appraised for insurance purposes. The description follows:

18k ("750" stamped) yellow gold strap watch by VC, case #375586. This watch features a manual wind 18 jeweled movement adjusted to 5 positions #54933/K1001, silver dial with gold markers, subsidiary second hand sweep, acrylic crystal, 17.8mm wide black croco strap with yellow gold plate buckle, fine ridged bezel and removable back case. Circa 1958. 20.2 dwt. Value: $7,350.

1. Do you think that value estimate is accurate?

2. The watch does not work very well; it runs if wound, but not for very long. Assuming the interior is just "gummed up" and no substantial work is needed, how much should I expect to pay to have this serviced by VC or a retailer?

I sincerely appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you.

Advice Needed for VC Newcomer

Some thoughs...
05/15/2008 - 11:56

Hi and welcome.

1- Its difficult to give an estimate on a photos as for vintage pieces the vast majority of the price depends on condition and the condition can be asertained by seeing the watch in the flesh. Nevertheless I do think that the estimate given to you is on the high side.

2- Servicing costs will depend on whom you send your watch too. I have no idea what it could cost if you take it to an independent watchmaker, however if you send it directly to VC it should cost in the $600-$800 range but with the caveat that all thet needs to be done is cleaning and lubrication.

Hope this helps

Welcome to the HL VC and keep the family watch for family reason (nt)
05/15/2008 - 16:12


Be careful with insurance appraisals....
05/15/2008 - 19:02

as most are replacement cost using the list price of a "comparible" contemporary watch.  Otherwise, they are often a WAG (wild ass guess) on the part of the agent based on an internet search.  Recent auction values are probably the best indicator of current value for vintage pieces, when that info is available.  Too bad that Antiquorum has taken to deleting those details from past auctions....

its a shame that
05/15/2008 - 20:03

Antiquorum has restricted access to its on line catalogues. Maybe they will turn it into a paying service?

Anyway now that Artist House has sold its shares in Antiquorum maybe things will change with the new shareholder.

Re: Advice Needed for VC Newcomer
07/17/2008 - 05:35

Hello again.

I took this watch to an independent, highly reputable shop in town. They quoted $550 to service the watch and repair the crystal, which they said was nicked.

Here's my follow-up question: If I intend to sell the watch, would I recoup the $550 by virtue of the watch being in tip-top condition, or do you think I shouldn't bother?

I know it's very difficult to answer without having seen the watch, so I'm just looking for some general rules of thumb.

Thank you!