Alex, can you explained...

technically, the difference beetween :

Alex, can you explained...

and :

Alex, can you explained...

If I don't make a mistake...
02/20/2008 - 23:54

... (I am not Alex), two wandering hour watch, The AP StarWell (Caliber 2224/2811) and the VC Hommage au Grands Explorateurs (Caliber 1126) have the same caliber base, a JLC 889/2 caliber ...only the case and the finishing change.

Largely prefer the VC

Re: If I don't make a mistake...
02/21/2008 - 01:35

I believe fred is correct.

I saw the Hommage with the top part of at VC's manufacture and the resemblance is quite striking.

As Fred says, the finish is better. See photo below:

I'm with you Fred, I much prefer the VC (nt)
02/21/2008 - 10:48


same way of reading time but not the same technical
02/21/2008 - 08:54


Both have the same base movement but the discs on the Starwheel are spring driven which causes a loy of friction whereas in the Explorateurs the hour discs are controlled by a cam shaped like a Maltese cross which creates no friction at all and is thus less prone to wear and enables a more accurate time setting.

02/21/2008 - 10:01


Thanks Alex, the diagrams are extremely helpful
02/21/2008 - 14:08

in understanding how these mechanism work. The truly amazing part (to me) is how fragile the parts seem when just alone, but when fully assembled they are able to take the abuse being strapped on ones wrist. Also the accuracy of the fit that allows them to work so efficiently over a long period of time is simpley amazing...Guess this is why we have such a passion for these mechanical works of art.


Same way of reading time, but the presentation are worlds apart
02/21/2008 - 16:18

Aside from the technical advantages pointed out by Alex, I find the novel and artistic presentation by VC really breathtaking.  The Tribute to Great Explorers is one of my favorite watches (although I have yet to play with one).  Looking forward to the next offerings for this series.



OOps, I made a mistake...
02/22/2008 - 17:10

Thanks Alex for this pic! Very clear!

This is better technically for VC,
02/23/2008 - 00:27

and much more outstanding than the AP, especially for the enamel and the reference to Grands Explorateurs!