Alex, could you help me with this...

I have tried to find an image or diagram of the Overseas case by itself, not attached to the bracelet. Would you be able to find any kind of image or diagram that can show what the case looks like? It seems impossible to find an image. I am just intrigued on how it is designed because it is different from any other I have seen. Thanks Alex, your help is appreciated!


here's a scan, I'll try to find something better, unless an OS owner
03/01/2008 - 10:32

wants to unscrew the bracelet from the case of his watch!

scan courtesy of Jack Forster

Thank you Alex...
03/01/2008 - 18:30

This is a very good image, any other images you can post would be very much appreciated! I am intrigued by the OS design and am thankful for your help. I certainly don't expect anyone to take their OS apart just for me:) I am it would be pretty difficult.