Alex has got me thinking - so I kindly ask for input

Alex's comments about value and cost, and long term value to the customer have got me thinking.  I have a number of watches that I've collected as I've had the time/interest/disposable income.  Each addition is better than the last for the most part.  I started with an Omega Seamaster for diving, then added a Rolex Exp II, then a white gold JLC Reverso Duo, then a Panerai (for fun, fashion), then a limited edition IWC pilots watch, then a Vacheron Patrimony Contemporaine.  The manner in which I was raised really makes it difficult for me to spend large amounts on a watch - but I'm clearly starting to get over it.  My next purchase is around the corner - a more complicated watch.  I do like bigger watches so under 38mm is probably not in the cards.  The short list is the IWC Perpetual Calendar and the Patek 5712 Nautilus (rose gold).  The Patek is clearly the stronger brand, but the IWC really has value features for money (has been in business for a long time, and this is an in-house movement that is highly accurate).  In this price bracket (and I'm looking for a sportier watch rather than a dress watch; note they are both dark faces as well), what Vacheron should I be considering?  Doc suggested the Regulator and I do like it, but it's not on this short list right now.

Any input (however harsh :) is welcome on my decision making and current choices as well.  I have to say that the IWC is winning right now b/c the Patek is quite blingy.  I love my Vacheron, and love the brand - but I'm having a hard time seeing a competitor to either of these two alternatives.

All the best and I hope there is enough Vacheron in this for it to be acceptible for this forum.

Very different watches if you consider
04/26/2007 - 12:19

size, complication, case etc..

As I always say you should get what puts a bigger smile on your face and obviously your heart seems to be leaning towards the IWC...I gather you are referring to the Portuguese perpetual. If you find the 5712 in RG too blingy why not have a look at the WG model or the one in steel?

I don't know if you can compare the 5712 Nautilus with the IWC, they don't have the same case shape, the IWC is much thicker and sportier whereas the Nautilus is more "casual chic" and with the IWC you have a more complicated watch.

Today Vacheron does not really offer a complicated sports watch other than the Overseas Dual Time but obviously you are looking for something with more complications and functions, and I'm not sure the Malte Dual Time Regulator fits the category you are looking into.

My choice would be PP
04/27/2007 - 12:16

The IWC is unelegant, too big and it's a brand i dislike more and more.

The PP is an elegant sport watch.


Hi Hatari !
04/27/2007 - 13:36

It's OK for me with your thoughts about the DTR.

I follow you.

Sportier, would to me be, and will soon be, an Overseas Chronograph,

in my case, steel with white dial.

Yoa are already speaking of such big money so you could go for the ultimate,

an Overseas in roségold !

An other choice would be the Malte Chronograph in YG , WG or RG.

Platinum is a bit too exspensive, compared with the watches you named.

I, of course, but you wouldn't have expected anything else,

wouldn't go for any of your proposals,

but that's just my personal reaction, to these two watches.

So my dear Hatari, have a look at Overseas, the bracelet is a piece of art !

And the contrasting polishing of the bezel, rough and high lustre, wow :-)

Malte Chronograph is a classic watch, and will always be !

Much dressier and it has a movement,

that has been around since beginning of time !

Good luck :-)



Thanks gentlemen
04/27/2007 - 14:42
I appreciate your thoughts. Doc, I love the overseas rose gold - but it's just too bright! The traditional overseas is too sporty for what I'm looking for (I have many watches in this function/style already) and the malte chrono is gorgeous, but too elegant and dressy for what I'm looking. The DTR will be my next watch. Cheers and thanks.
let me make you an offer you can't refuse
04/27/2007 - 15:55

get both :-)

If I did Don Alex, this is where my wife would put me...
04/27/2007 - 16:52

For a year, minimum!

ROTFLMAO!! :-) (nt)
04/27/2007 - 17:05


LOL !! I fix some pals !
04/28/2007 - 13:56

These will make you company!

Very glad to see you will go for a DTR, my most used watch,

the last two years!

BTW, I'll think I'll go for the Patrimony RG, when it comes in July,

instead of OS :-



Now maybe if she'd give me a tennis ball...
04/28/2007 - 15:16
and a pat on the head every once in a while I'd be happy in the dog house. :) Thanks again Doc - great looking dogs.
I wish I were those
04/28/2007 - 17:00

dogs running around and jumping in the lake instead of being home!!

Reminds me of an old joke about...
04/29/2007 - 05:30
Two guys walking past a dog that was grooming itself in the nether-regions (trying to keep it tasteful). One guy turned to the other and said, "gee, I wish I could do that!". The other guy turns to him and says, "well, maybe if you pet him, he'll let you..." Mod/Alex, you should delete this post - it's in poor taste. My sincere apologies, but I've always loved that one! :) :)
good one!! :-)
04/29/2007 - 11:45