Alex, just a little help on a watch my wife likes>>>

the Egerie 18kt pink gold with mother of pearl dial, not the diamond bezel. I need to know the dimensions and if permitted, the list price. The new IW for ladies has quite a nice article about Vacheron Constantin and remarkably that 25% of their production is for ladies. Very interesting. It is the holiday season after all. Best and thanks, Tim
Your wife has excellent taste! The Egerie model she likes is ref 25040
11/04/2007 - 20:57

it is 27.5mm wide and 37.1 long. Swiss list price is CHF 11,911

25% of VC production for ladies' timeîeces seems really high but I know that the Egerie and 1972 models are extremely successful so maybe thay have had to hike up production for out bettre halves.

Thanks Alex, quite a good looking watch! (nt)
11/05/2007 - 00:49
I had a chance to handle the Egerie and 1972 this weekend
11/05/2007 - 00:55

Hello Tim and Alex,

I had a chance to handle the Egerie and 1972 this weekend as the VC rep at the watch fair my wife and I visited tried to convince my wife to join the VC fold.

Anyway, comparing the Egerie (in PG too) w/ the 1972 (WG w/ wave pattern diamonds), the Egerie is very soft and feminine while the 1972 evokes a cool beauty.  

One must look closely to be able to appreciate the many subtle details in the Egerie, such as the gently curving case and case back which aside from creating the soft, feminine lines, hug the wrist for greater comfort.  Another subtle feature that may go unnoticed is the curved mother of pearl dial!  One does not see too many curved MOP dials.  This results in the very distinct shine and lustre found in the Egeries dial.  This could be worth comparing with a flat MOP dial.

Hope this helps.


Kazumi, that is very helpful and my wife and I actually>>>
11/05/2007 - 03:58
noticed a very subtle difference on the MOP dial--you explained it very nicely. We will be back and forth over many watches for birthdays and the Holidays, all around the same time, but the Egerie is in the lead! Thanks again, Tim