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I want to engrave my Patrimony Contemporaine and my dealer (the biggest in Canada) can't engrave by taking the case back off. I won't let them engrave with the case-back on. Does Vacheron USA provide a service to their dealers so that the watch can be sent to head office USA, engraved with case-back off, and returned? My dealer is checking, but it's best to be informed. If they do, how can I choose fonts etc...? Don't know if you can help - but if anyone can, it's got to be you ;)
I think you should give
04/16/2007 - 14:32

a call to VC USA (you will find address and details on VC's web site at and ask them what is the best way to proceed.

cheers from Geneva :-)

Let me know how things go and I'll see if I can help you further
04/17/2007 - 19:32


It's been a bit of an adventure...
04/21/2007 - 16:02
My AD says that Vacheron does not do the engraving at their head office in the US. Vacheron, when contacted directly in after sales service, says they will look into it but are taking a good amount of time getting back to me. The other twist is that my warranty etc has a typo on the case number, so it doesn't match the watch case... someone read an 8, rather than a 3... I took it back to the AD immediately and they agreed, called VC who promised to get me the right paperwork in 5 business days with apologies (it's now a few more than 5 business days and no papers). These are small things, but I can't help to wonder whether they will find the other watch with the wrong serial number/paper combination and correct that. Patience, patience, patience... I keep telling myself this. Oh well, beautiful day in Toronto - time to get my motorcycle out for the first time this season. My VC stays in it's box until resolution of paperwork. If you can help guide me in any way, I would certainly appreciate it.
Clarification: It's been a bit of an adventure...
04/21/2007 - 16:04
Sorry, the help I refer to is on the engraving side. The rest should be taken care of, or the watch goes back to the AD... Thanks and cheers.
Noted check your mail (nt)
04/23/2007 - 13:40


Thanks for the note - will do
04/23/2007 - 14:49