Like in all marriages...

the wife , never the man, keeps repeating :

" You said that before".

Same here after hundredes of posts I must keep reapeating me,

even though I try not to.

That's why I'm going to the Bank and change objects for pictures this week............

99 % of my pics are taken with

this little Sony

Like in all marriages...a

and the only "photoshop",

has been what followed a copiator HP-Photosmart 3210 All in one ,

which I bought about a year ago.

Fantastic, but it eats colours.....

Anyhow, now since a year, I have this "Pro equipment",

which BTW the "screensawer" is taken.

Also a professional photoshop,

so now I have NO excuse.........

Like in all marriages...

Like in all marriages...

But the pic below, is taken without anything more than the Sony T3,

and not photoshopped.

That's the watch I wrote the other day about.

Like in all marriages...

From 1937, when Vacheron&Constantin only made 439 wachtes in the whole year.

Still top class, brushed rosé gold with applicated YG numerals on a coppercoloured, probably RG dial.


I'm wearing it right now.

Quite big for those days, and HEAVY !

An old wrist shot, just to show the size.

Like in all marriages...


hurry up, go to the vault and start taking photos of your
11/11/2007 - 23:48

collection with your new equipment!