And now something completely not watch realted

even though you can see a wall clock on one pic smiley

Yesterday it was about 28〫C in the shadow and between 4- 6 m/s wind. Sunny ☼ ,

a beautiful day, which my son and I spent sailing!

Just want to share with you my friends, some pics of Swedish summer at it's best!

And now something completely not watch realted

And now something completely not watch realted

And now something completely not watch realted

And now something completely not watch realted

And now something completely not watch realted

And now something completely not watch realted

A day to remeber, today it's even hotter so now I'm heading for our little Island,

And now something completely not watch realted

and a jump in the blue, still quite cold, so I'm glad it's only my wife and the dogs that see me coming up nude cool



Doc would love to see a photo of what the dogs have
06/29/2011 - 15:44

seen blush

Thanks for sharing, the son and the happy dad yes

Longing for the sea...
06/29/2011 - 18:08

Doc, I can almost feel the breeze and smell the fresh air!  Wonderful shots of a gorgeous day yes.

Doc reveals all whilst leaving Pompe '&' Winston paddling....
06/29/2011 - 20:27

Doc, You're having some wonderful weather and clearly taking advantage of it. The snap-shots really have caught the magic moments of Father and Son having fun. Let's hope the good weather continues for you.

I didn't realise why Pompe and Winston, gently paddling, were looking so surprised. Who wouldn't be with you in your birthday suit?smiley

Those dogs put up with alot!!!wink

Have fun and best wishes


Hi Big Brother,
07/01/2011 - 02:53

as you see the dogs got their bitches wink


Little brother

Later two girls came to a visit Pompe and Winston......
06/29/2011 - 22:57

Very much appreciated!

A lot of sniffing from the boys and some corrections from the girls smiley


Pompe and Winston are chick magnets :-)
06/30/2011 - 11:44


LOL !! Yeah, you know how it is,
07/01/2011 - 02:54

when Alex and Doc is out on town cool


You two look like happy little brothers, not father and son!
06/30/2011 - 11:54

Beautiful day outyes

Radek my friend, which watch do you want to have ? :-)
07/01/2011 - 03:02

No it's father and son, but we have been hunting, in the woods.., driving our motorcycles, skiing,

racing 911 and of course sailing a lot together smiley

It's treasure to have the opportunity, to do that with your son and his friends,

that can't really be fully described!

Thanks again for your gentlemanly  post!

Doc blush

Father and Son at its best....
06/30/2011 - 17:04

Looks like a true bonding experience.  Reminds me somewhat of a Patek Philippe Advertisement ;)


LOL great one!
06/30/2011 - 17:23


LOL! Yes it's a clear PP warning on that post,
07/01/2011 - 03:04

I see it now after your review laugh



N i c e !
07/01/2011 - 14:38

Oh, how nice ! And oh, how I miss that sailing experience...... Looking forward doing this with my son.....he will be six soon and get his first "optimist" lessons soon.

Thanks for sharing !



Optimist is a good start and it's fun,
07/02/2011 - 17:18

even when you are grown up,

if you ind some guys in your own weight class laugh

A race is a race angry



Your post brought back alot of childhood memories Mats
07/01/2011 - 16:13

We used to sail all around Denmark in our Scampi 30 when I was a wee little Martin. smiley

Thank you for the great pictures, it's these moments that are worth living for!

Hoppas vädret tillåter ytterliggare seglatser för er i år, hojta till om ni har vågorna förbi Öresund. smiley

Tack 1907! Thanks Martin!
07/02/2011 - 00:57

Following will be in Swedish, since they had the same boat, a Sampi 30 as I had !!

The first design by Peter Norlin and immideately World Championship in half ton cup,

followed by two more World Championships with the Scampi.

Never done before or after.

A marvellous boat at it's time!

Jag hade en Scampi 30 under 5 år på 80 talet.

Då var det en megastor yacht !!

Bara Stratus var större!

BTW, har du samma email som tidigare, till en viss bank?

Lev väl och förhoppningsvis segla mycket,

och om du inte har en segelbåt nu skriv ett mail till mig!

Jag har en del att tipsa om!