And the score is...

Keeping in mind the conditions of the vote for Favorite Vacheron Constantin, namely that only those "in the current collection" qualified, there were clear preferences amongst THL'ers.

Most votes went to the Patrimony Traditionelle World Time, but just barely.  The Overseas collection (yes, I lumped all versions together for this count) was slightly behind.  Third place was accorded to the Historiques American 1921.

I'm interested in your analysis of these selections.  Given that Loungers had no cost constraints in their choices, they are relatively affordable pieces, or at least in the realm of possibility rather than fantasy!

Another interesting result...the "old QdI with transparent dial was more popular than the "new" solid dial model.
In general the Patrimony Traditionnelle seemed to be
03/28/2011 - 19:54
the favorite collection. The WT is a surprising choice as very few have seen it in the flesh but I guess it hits the nail on the head in terms of design and functions thus gaining 1st place (I haven't done the maths so I'm trusting your calculations are correct ). Am surprised that the Patrimony Contemporaine didn't make the tops. Not surprised by the American 1921 as it has had immense succes, same as with the Overseas.