Another new owner seeking help!

I have recently aqquired what I understand to be a model 2020 in white gold, I am fairly sure it is a 1970's watch and am hoping to find out as much as I can about the watch can anyone help please?Another new owner seeking help!Another new owner seeking help!
Two examples
01/11/2012 - 03:21
There are two examples in my database, as follows: 2020Q YG 32x38 tonneau, 12 ½’’’ 1120 36j auto, ca.1970, integrated bracelet, lapis lazuli dial 2020Q WG 32x37 tonneau, 12 ½’’’ 1121 36j auto, ca.1970, integrated bracelet, date These are watches from auction listings and there were variations in metals and dials within the same reference number, however, the overall case design remained the same.  I strongly suspect yours also has the calibre 1120 automatic.  Now if you take off the back and post pictures of the markings inside the cover, and the movement itself, we can confirm this.
Re: Two examples
01/12/2012 - 02:42
Thank you tick-talk, I have seen the watch in the shop where i bought it with the back off, it does have the 36jewel auto movement with a gold calibrated rotor which is I believe the 1120 calibre as you say. I am loathe to take the back off myself as the guy in the shop could not get it back on easily because it was so tight and he had to take it into the workshop to press it back on, I don't have the press. Can you give me any idea what the dial is made of, I assume it is white gold but am not sure, it has a brushed finish maybe what VC call a linen finish. Could it be silver not gold?
Possibly galvanized
01/12/2012 - 17:05
This is an area where Alex may be able to help, but my guess is that it is silver galvanized over base metal with the brushed-finish applied.
the base is probably brass or gold (nt)
01/12/2012 - 19:03