Another "New to the VC Family" thread

Although I mentioned in a previous post that I had an incoming VC, I can now say that I am officially part of the VC family.  I just received my Overseas Chronograph 49140 and love it!  This size seems to wear perfectly on my 6.5" wrist.  The only complaint I have is the bracelet links are too big to have without a micro adjusting clasp.  I'm always between links.  I've read that the newer ones come with a half link, but I'm pretty sure these older ones don't so I guess I need to put in a call to the boutique.

So as requested, I'm showing the rest of the "family" as well.



Good to have you with us and thanks for sharing. Cool collection of
08/28/2014 - 20:16

Chronos !

big question is what is your next VC?:-)

Welcome to the family
08/28/2014 - 21:02

And to the Overseas sub-family as well.  Mine's a dual-time.

Alex is like the little devil on your shoulder, always tempting you with new delights.  And with VC, there are plenty to pick from.

Re: Another "New to the VC Family" thread
08/28/2014 - 21:58

Welcome, wilcommen, bienvenu!

Nice set of watches. Congratulations!

As I said's like eating peanuts or potato chips. You can't eat just one!



Nice family portrait
08/28/2014 - 23:11

The Gen I Overseas is a great watch, congratulations yes.  

LOL Joseph :-)
08/29/2014 - 09:15


Thanks for this great family photo!
08/29/2014 - 03:26

You are obviously a Chronograph aficionado!  It is a wonderful collection...but to Alex's question, what other VC is making you itch?  smiley

Best Regards, Dan

Re: Thanks for this great family photo!
08/29/2014 - 05:32

Actually I don't have another VC on the radar right now.  To explain, I'm an ophthalmologist and perform several injections a day.  Part of the routine is timing 5 minutes to make sure the patient's eye is fully anesthetized.  So I think I'm one of the few who use and need the chronograph complication daily.  So work and aesthetics are the two reasons I'm a chrono-only guy.  My current preferences are an automatic chronograph with a date.  My previous watches do include a Daytona, Speedmaster 9300, Navitimer 01 LE, Seamaster 300, and IWC Portuguese so I've had some great chronographs.  I found I really want a date since I'm always signing something, so got rid of my Daytona and Portuguese.  Then when I got my black-dialed AP ROC, I found that I was consistently picking it to wear over my Omegas and Breitling so they had to go.  So I wanted something in the same range as the AP but with a light dial.  I thought about a ROO, JLC Master Chronograph, IWC Portuguese Chrono Classic, and the VC Overseas.  The Offshore was just too big and I didn't necessarily want a second AP.  The JLC and IWC are nice but in some ways kind of plain with the light dial.  So that left the VC and we all know how that ended!  I scoured TimeZone, Rolex Forums, PuristSPro, Chrono24, and the likes.  This past week I found what I had been waiting for at a fantastic price.  I had to jump and buy it.  Now I'll probably sell the Tudor too (after all if I want a silver dialed watch on a bracelet I'm picking the VC - no contest!).  But as for a second VC, the only ones that fits all criteria are the Patrimony Chrono perpetual 47292 which seems about 100k over my budget and the Malte which isn't my style.

Understood, makes perfect sense!
08/29/2014 - 07:26

Thanks for sharing your use for chronos and date function.  I understand your uses and requirements as well as how you select your watches.  Clear and logical - something I can appreciate!

Congrats and welcome!
08/29/2014 - 16:33

A great addition to a very nice collection. That AP looks lovely!

I would be interested in hearing how the OS compares to the rest of the chronos that you own/ have owned in the past...





Re: Another "New to the VC Family" thread
08/30/2014 - 22:37

Congratulations, It's a great watch, How does it wear compared to the AP RO Chrono? I always thought the RO wears slightly larger than the overseas due to the longer lugs and wider bracelet.

mine says hi, wear it in good health


Re: Re: Another "New to the VC Family" thread
09/02/2014 - 05:01

I'll take some measurements and pictures but I think they both wear very similarly.  Now I have the oldest ROC 25860 which is 39mm (as well as the 26300s) and the older VC is of course is 40mm.  The newer ROCs (23620) are 41mm and to me wear much bigger.  The watch is like a slab of metal that hangs over my wrist.  So it was important to me to get one of the older styles of both of these great chronographs.   

Re: Another "New to the VC Family" thread
09/08/2014 - 00:02

Here are my two F. Piguet 1185 movement watches that are two of my grails.  Since they're no longer produced, I've waited and waited to find examples of these in good condition.  While I also like the two newer versions, I have a small wrist (6.5") and these older versions fit me better.  The AP has a "lug-to-lug" distance of 10mm more than the dial size, so the 41mm case of the newer 26320's wears too big for me personally.  And while I love the look of the 49150's bracelet, I prefer the symmetry of the dial of the 49140.  I know that the print doesn't show up that well in the photo, but for comparison, the AP vs. VC is as follows: case diameter (39mm vs. 40mm), lug-to-lug (49mm vs. 46mm), case height (39mm vs. 37mm), "lug width" (26mm vs. 24mm), and case width including crown (both 43mm).