Another newbie question- Partrimony vs Malte

Hopefully this isn't too dumb a question............

In my short period as a VC connoiseur cheeky I had always been under the impression that the Patrimony was a classic round shape and the Malte was the smaller , more rectangular (or tonneau?) shape that you see on the VC website.

I have only recently twigged that there is a Malte Chrono with a round case which is not mentioned on the VC website.  I have tried to clear the confusion by referring to the website but tbh it has only added to the confusion as there are no real detailed descriptions of what sets the collections apart.

To further confuse things I have seen dealers advertising the 31 day Retrograde watches for sale - half of them call it a Malte and half call it a Patrimony.  I wonder if it is neither?

Can anyone can set me straight on some of this?


The Malte was 1st born as a round watch in 2000, then
10/30/2012 - 08:34
athen tonneau version was also launched and a few years ago the round Malte models were discontinued. Confusing even for Vacheronistas :-)
Re: Another newbie question- Partrimony vs Malte
10/30/2012 - 08:40
Patrimony is their signature classical line. Malte was introduced (I think) in 2000 until recently it included Both round and tonneau cases. I think VC has decided to cease producing round case malte's. The 31 day retrogade is from the Patrimony line. Most retailers have no clue of VC. Many don't even seem to care. VC is an acquired taste, and I believe that those who Buy VC do their own research and don't necessarily need The marketing. I have visited ad's in singapore, bangkok, and zurich, and its always the same story - very little clue of the brand and models. Once in singapore, an ad could not even find the key to the glass cabinet which had the VC's !!!
Re: Re: Another newbie question- Partrimony vs Malte
10/30/2012 - 09:28
OK - thanks guys.  I wish the website gave some decent history on the collections instead of being so abstract. Let's take this one step further.  I can see what makes a Patrimony a Patrimony, what makes an Overseas and Overseas , what makes a QDI a QDI and the Historiques are fairly self explanatory. Given the various shapes etc......what in your eyes makes a Malte a Malte , because I'm still unclear on that.
Malte is all the tonneau watches, the previous models round and
10/30/2012 - 10:08
Tonneau had fan shaped lugs and dagger hands. If you use the search engine you will find many photos
thanks- that's what I was after - what they have in common (nt)
10/30/2012 - 10:35
Re: Re: Another newbie question- Partrimony vs Malte
10/30/2012 - 15:38
You are right kk. The ADs in Singapore know much less about VC than the usual PP/Rolex. When I bought my Patrimony Traditionelle , the AD sales rep made some mistakes (but sounded very confident) on the calibre, year of release (he insisted the auto with the sub-dial at 9pm came after the manual wind which was the reverse), etc. But it's not that bad for VC. When I asked about Lange and Breguet, they know even LESS! One AD sales rep even told me he will avoid Lange because it's German (because he realized he doesn't know much about the details when I asked questions).