another special piece made for the US market: Black Malte Tourbillon

made in 10 pieces in 2008. Case is palladium and the movement has a black platinum coating

another special piece made for the US market: Black Malte Tourbillon
as cool as the 3-piece edition for Singapore...
07/04/2012 - 15:34
or even better looking. what do ya'll say? I love the skeleton dial on the American tourbie. On the other hand the nickel black on the Singapore one is sooooo innovative. Hard to decide...
07/04/2012 - 16:36
Both are fantastic versions of that watch. Very innovative use of the metals and tweeking the design. I'll just have to settle for my RG one sadwink Joseph
Sheesh I don't have any to settle for :-(
07/04/2012 - 16:55
Black Nickel For Me
07/05/2012 - 22:53
But, I would not reject the RG, as I just love that guilloche on the dial.   It's all wishful dreaming anyways.  Best, Joe
would love to see VC continue making pieces like this!
07/04/2012 - 19:34
One of the coolest watches ever
07/05/2012 - 03:17
There was one sold at Antiquorum a couple years ago.  I kind of regret not bidding on it. 
it went to a Lounger :-)
07/05/2012 - 11:17
Shame on him for not sharing ;-0
07/05/2012 - 12:01
too cool a watch to keep it in the shadowsdevil
07/05/2012 - 14:42
Sort of like a more tasteful RM... Best, Gary
07/05/2012 - 17:24
Even after a few days of contemplating this watch, it still stands out...The Shadow would be a suitable nickname for this beauty yes.  The tourbillon simply pops out!