Another vintage family Vacheron watch

Hello all-

Some of you will remember me from November 2012, when I started a discussion about my heirloom minute repeater PW. Well, I'm back.

Another Vacheron Constantin watch has turned up among my Dutch father's possessions. As we know nothing about its family history and we cannot identify who the "JES" monogram belonged to, we may or may not want to keep the watch, so I will be trying to gauge its interest to collectors.

I'm no expert but it appears to be a pocket watch conversion, with rather clumsy lugs soldered on and maybe a replacement winding stem. It does work and still keeps time remarkably well. The case measures about 30mm.

I realize this is not as interesting as the precious heirloom I presented 3 years ago but any information you can provide would be well-appreciated. I'd like to learn how best to describe it, when it was made, what interest it might have to collectors, etc.

Thank you!

-Rick Van Stolk



Re: Another vintage family Vacheron watch
10/02/2015 - 22:42

UPDATE: This watch has just been upgraded to heirloom status!

Foolish me, I had misread the monogram. I was sure it was JES, for whom I could find no ancestors. When I enlarged the photo of the monogram and showed it to my father, I had to make out the J, the E, and the S for him, as he has very poor eyesight. Then he announced "so it says J E V S". What? The V. Of course. I had mistaken that tiny V for ornamentation. And then I immediately knew who it (probably) was: My father's father's mother was Johanna Elisabeth Viruly, and became Johanna Elisabeth Van Stolk when she married my great great grandfather Rudolf - the original owner of that large PC I showed you 3 years ago. They were married in 1894 and she lived until 1937.

Is it plausible to you that an upperclass lady might have worn such a watch? Or more likely that it was converted for use by a male descendent of hers?

I am still quite interested in learning all I can about this watch. Thank you for your interest.



Nice to have you back :-)
10/03/2015 - 17:21

I have fond memories of your first heirloom watch heart.  As you've surmised, this is indeed a converted ladies pendant watch circa 1912-13.  Although nothing remarkable in terms of horology, I'm so glad you discovered the family connnection.

Re: Nice to have you back :-)
10/03/2015 - 18:13

Thank you, tick-talk. It's nice to have an excuse to rejoin briefly. At one point I digitized a large sampling of my parents' family albums, and I refer to those photos (going back 150 years) often. Here's one of my great grandmother, Johanna Elisabeth Van Stolk, likely wearing the pendant watch in question. A number of photos of her in her later life show her wearing that chain, disappearing into her waist.

Great photo!
10/04/2015 - 18:28

So it appears the watch is tucked under the waist band.  Perhaps there was an inner pocket?  The chatelaine purse looks to be hanging from a hook over the waist band, tucked into it's own pocket on the front of the skirt.