Answer on the time it takes to establish Certificate of Authenticity

There have been many questions on the time it takes to obtain a certificate of autheniticy and Vacheron Constantin confirms that it takes about 10 days following receipt of the watch to establish the certificate. It could however take a bit longer if the watch is sent during vacation periods (Dec, August)

Re: Answer on the time it takes to establish Certificate of Authenticity
01/21/2008 - 13:52

Your information was just what I wanted to know!

Thank you for the valuable information.


Certificate with Service?
01/22/2008 - 01:43

I hope not to sound crass, but with the Certificate running about $800 USD, would that charge be in addition to the cost of servicing a watch sent to the factory?

Yup, but you are wong on the price. A certificate is
01/22/2008 - 09:20

850 Swiss francs which is closer to $650

No gain for certificate with service excetp shippign costs...
01/23/2008 - 22:01

I just sent my watch for service/certificate (oh wait! It was 15 months ago!!) and there is no gain for obtaining a certficate with the servicing except shipping costs.

The certificate runs at around $750 with the low dollar, but if you send it via an AD or any third party, they could charge you up to triple that price!!!!! Search old posts for example. My story: it started at around $1400 asking price, got down to $950 after I complained to VC and Wempe NY (shame on the last one), but after weeks of delay I just wanted to start doing the bloody work, so I said OK. But all ends well: a few weeks ago I sent an email to the VC concierge in North America and he took it seriously and sorted it all out in a week pretty much and when time came to pay, Wempe asked only for the $750. I have to send very warm regarsd to the VC concierge who as far as I am concerned treated me extremely well and was just phenomenal in his services to me.

I recommend sending the watch yourself to Switzerland, no matter what. You will end up paying much less both for the servicing, the certificate and that's without even the shipping costs.

Good luck!!

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01/23/2008 - 22:03