Any information on Chronometre Royal quantities by cal?


I was re-reading the wonderful article you wrote about the Chronometre Royal and noticed you had some production quantity information on the original pocket watch version.

Is there any information that you can obtain in regards to quantities manufactured of the CR wristwatch versions?

Your article says that manual cals 1007/BS and cal 1008/BS were used for the production of CRs from 1952 to 1962.  After which cal 1072 was utilized as the first automatic movement used in the CRs.

Any way of getting information broken down like:

# CRs w/ cal 1007/BS
# CRs w/ cal 1008/BS
# CRs w/ cal 1072 (was only the 1072/1 with gyromax balance used in CRs, or were there ones with swan neck regulators as well?)
#CRs w/ cal 1096
#CRs w/ cal 1126

Did I miss any cals?  I know this may not be readily available, but I thought I'd at least ask. 

Thanks for any information you can provide.

BR, Dan
I'll check but not sure if the info is available (nt)
09/16/2009 - 21:39
Thanks, very much appreciated :-) (nt)
09/17/2009 - 02:33
Another question...
09/18/2009 - 09:21
I'd like to know what kind of premium a buyer would have paid back then (1950's) for a Chronometer Royal compared with a more standard three hand watch. Thanks, Bill