Any news on the new Overseas?

Alex, any idea when the new Overseas will come out? Strap band version?

I tried to come bak to your post on the LE Overseas Engine for the Japanese market and had such a hard time finding it that I finally gave up. Could you please attach a link to your previous post on the Engine with scans in a response to my post?

By the way, going through all those countless pages of posts on our Hour Lounge made me realize how much information has been swapped and traded on our forum so far. It also gave me an idea how fast we have grown, as a community, since the beginning... Amazing!  

we definately have come a long way and grown fast in just 5 months! to
08/25/2007 - 12:06

answer your question I can't say anything on the strap version Overseas...yet :-)

I'll annoounce something in Oct / Nov but for regular production models we'll need to wait for SIHH 2008. On the other hand straps leather, croc, rubber) may be available to fit on the existing Overseas models also after SIHH.

Don't be impatient young Jedi :-)

Here's the link to the Overseas Engine Japan limited edition:

I guess the post above answers the question what a new
08/26/2007 - 22:16
regular OS model is going to look like. And it sure looks like Japan is a testing ground for it. Both OS limited editions will be a cool base for the regular production. I can't wait to see what VC will come up with in the end as far as design and additional functions. I like the tachymetre in the LEs (it also makes a nice addition in Malte Manual Chronograph). It is surely going to be an interesting post in Oct/Nov, Alex ;-)