Anyone Own a Histories 1921?

I've seen a number of Condition 0 VC Histories 1921 at very attractive prices (low 20's), and since it has been one of my win-the-lottery watches, it is well within striking distance of my Overseas 4500v piggy bank. (Or QDI .... piggy bank...still not sure). If anyone has one, I'd like to get your opinion.


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I wish.
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But I cannot wait to see the responses. There are a few here and they are beloved by their owners, in general!

an instant classic
08/06/2016 - 18:23

VC really hit the nail on the head with this one. Great design with a twist (pun not intended) and a watch that became immediately recognizable as a VC

an instant classic

From the first time I saw it..
08/06/2016 - 19:22

That watch has been sort of a meta-grail (ie. win-the-lottery), but the prices on Condition 0 examples have become available that are within reach. With the QDI and new Overseas as alternatives, I can be a bit patience rather than pulling the trigger on one I have my eye one.  It's not the platinum one, but the yellow or red gold that's coming around to the piggy bank for the Overseas or QDI. The QDI would open up the search of a decent GMT I want to add. The last time I put up a price that I didn't think would be accepted; it was accepted, and while I got a wonderful watch, it was not part of the plan.

The iconic Historiques 1921
08/08/2016 - 15:24

"Iconic" is a word used a bit loosely in the watch industry, but it may be used accurately with respect to the Historiques 1921, I think.  Perhaps no other watch better represents modern Vacheron Constantin.

It is a great watch.  This is the one with which I began my hot and heavy affair with Vacheron.  It is a great place to start if you can.  The Overseas or QdI would also be great watches with which to begin, but since you are asking for opinions, the 1921 would be my top choice. It is beautifually made, wth a lovely size and perfect proportions, classically beautiful, but with enough interesting conceptual and design elements to make it stand out.  It is already in its eigth year of production but it is made in relatively low numbers on an annual basis that it remains a rare watch.

Here are couple of photos of mine to make the case (the writ shot was taken by friend Paul Boutros):



Re: The iconic Historiques 1921
08/09/2016 - 01:30

my grail of grails. hopefully some day.

Trying for Historiques 1921
08/09/2016 - 01:50

Like some others, this has been one of my grail watches. I have an Overseas 1 and a 1972, both great watches, but the 1921 is over the moon. Trying to get it done... We will see, and if not, there's always a new Overseas or a Quai de I'lle....I'm also haunted by the FP Journe Bleu...