Apropos Patrice's post below! Important!

Yesterday I wrote :

"I always thinks it's better sending watches by post !
If possible I always do.
I send them as certified mail.
It's cheap and always go in the post system,
and from one contry's post to another contry's post.
UPS, FedEX and whatever, use every kind of way to deliver.
Today I got an insured parcel, funny enough containing a watch,
from USA, and I know it was sent by FedEX, but it was delivered by the Swedish Post !
There is the problem with using these companies."

Today I got a LETTER, dated 9 of March 2008 from FedEX ( ! ),

telling me I have a parcel in the custom in Stockholm,

which I shall pay VAT to FedEX for. 10 days after the date on the letter!

I called them and gave my creditcard number and I will receive the parcel after Easter!

That means a delivery time by FedEX of more than 2 weeks in Sweden !!

I hope this confirms very clearly what I wrote yesterday !! Apropos Patrice's post below! Important!


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Re: Apropos Patrice's post below! Important!
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I appreciate  your comments, Doc, but they do not reflect my experience at all.

I have sent and received packages through Fedex (I have an account with them) for several years.

Firstly when someone sends me a package I always ask for the tracking number so I can follow it on line. Their website is good.

Secondly I always provide the sender with my phone number so Fedex can call me when the package arrives in the country.

Fedex has their own Customs brokers on site to expedite clearance, so any delay is usually Customs related but in my experience, with the proper documents, clearance is less than 24 hours.

Sometimes if I see on their website that the parcel, has arrived in Canada, I will preempt Fedex and call them instead of waiting  for them to call me. This hastens clearance even more.

If I am in the US and send something domestic, I send it Overnight Priority and it has alway arrived the following morning without fail (East coast to West coast), no customs clearance necessary of course.

On the other hand, although I have never had a delivery problem with Canada Post; tracking a package is a total exercise in futility, since the information is rarely updated on their website until after delivery! (Duhhh!!)

I prefer to know where my package is, sending and receiving, rather than sitting there, "holding my nuts" (excuse the foreign language reference ), praying the package won't get lost in the mail.

IMHO I don't think it is a slow Fedex compared to a speedy Swedish Post that's the issue here.

Warm regards,


Hi Joseph!
03/19/2008 - 23:37

I don't know what you have for experience sending inside, or to Europe,

but I have quite long experience.

These two above referred experiences, in two days(!), is just some examples.

I sent to Germany 24 hours FedEx once, it wasn'r cheap but that wasn't the watch either.

It worked perfect.

I sent 24 hours to France two months ago, it was exspensive too,

and took two days + the weekend and finally arrived at the customer at Monday.

That means 5 days.

This parcel now lying in the customs warehouse is sent by Brooks Brother's New York by FedEx to me,

and I get a letter dated 10 days earlier, from FedEx in Sweden!

I'm glad that it's working as it should in North America, but in Europe, no.

Same experiences with UPS, but not as frequently.

I still go for the post !

Or best of all, the dealer who came from Chicago and delivered in my hand,

the ticket splitted between us, a fast sight seeing of Stockholm in 2 hours, and he got home again!

It was worth it.

I would not have lost that watch



What really happened!
03/19/2008 - 23:49

Hi Doc,

I think what really happened is that when the package arrived in Sweden, 10 days ago, the Fedex people probably reacted by saying: "OH no! Not another package for that crazy doctor who lives in the middle of nowhere surrounded by water except for a frozen cart path!" We'll give it to the Post Office. They can take it in by sled dog...OR..."

"Lets wait a few weeks and maybe he'll come down to Stockholm and pick it up himself!!" 

Regards, LOL,


Well since it's been said
03/20/2008 - 00:21

by another doctor, I must accept it as the truth

Take care and please have a nice Easter,

we keep in touch


Doc, I'm curious
03/24/2008 - 00:21

Was the delay due to FedEx or customs? I hate customs, of any country, and have had big delays (not for watches) due to those guys...