Are there any differences in the movement or finishing of the Les cabinotiers?

I looked at a few of them online and they seem different, specifically the ones with the roman indices and the ones with index markers only. Is it like a generation one and generation two thing? And can someone point out the exact differences?

Many thanks.

Interesting question. I very much doubt that that the finishing on
06/07/2014 - 17:12

Les Atelier Cabinotiers is 'higher' than 'regular' VC's.

a) VC finishing is so high in their 'regular' models; that I find it hard to imagine if there is room to top it any more for Les Atelier Cabinotiers bespoke pieces.

b) For the first one or two stages of Les Atelier Cabinotiers, where you either have dial, case, or both modifications, VC is essentially placing an existing movement.  So I am sure these movements come from their 'regular production line'.

c) For the lucky few who can commission their own movememnts, I still think that the finishing is as good as anything by VC. See a) above.

d) Its not about whether the finishing is better or not in the case of Les Atelier Cabinotier. The issue here is that you are an owner of a bespoke VC, which is 1/1. And that is the magical aspect.

I am writing as if I am an owner of a LCA piece, but I am not. Someday maybe. There are a few on the HL who have the privelige of this service and I am sure they will also write to your post.

It would be easier to say
06/07/2014 - 20:17

if you posted the images of the watches you want to compare :-)

Les Cabinotiers is a bespoke service so each movement and
06/08/2014 - 00:30

design varies but not the finish which remains top notch!

My apologies......
06/08/2014 - 05:33

My apologies...... From the replies, I think I have confused everyone, myself included. 

What I was trying to compare were the Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Minute Repeater 30030(?), which are also called the Les Cabinotiers, and I thought that's the reference name. But it seems like it's a bespoke process for customers in VC.

If you can look at the 6-7 0'clock position, of the pg watch near the indices, you can see one screw. However in the pt version, you can see pivot(?) point next to the screw. I think I have notice the same screw/pivot in pg version also so it's not a pt/rg difference. 




Actually, there's
06/08/2014 - 12:59

a difference. The first shown in the first and second picture you've posted is more elegant, as there's less material. I don't think it's a matter related to finishing though (not directly at least).

My humble guess, this difference is structural and it's due to the purpose to strenghten the stability of the bridge but it could be also functional, to improve (indirectly) the sound of gongs.

I don't think either solutions were thought for saving, since the overall work for both, polishing and decorating, shows the highest levels of savoire-fair.

Which rotor would you prefer...
06/08/2014 - 19:29

New 1120

Which would you prefer...


old 1120...

Which rotor would you prefer...

A cheeky comparison as I'm ignoring the "standard" sold rotor of the old 1120, not to mention the now-standard Gyromax in the new caliber.  But that engraving is soooo delicate and beautiful that I just can't warm to the new truss-bridge rotor.

I'd like to see
06/08/2014 - 20:45

the new version inside a sport-watch - even better - with a closed case-back. I just can imagine the thrill for the owner to know his watch keeps such a beauty inside; much better than showing it out with a see-through case-back, but that's just my taste.

The old version is definitely more appropriate to the typology illustrated by your picture and I hope VC will continue to produce it the way it is, which is lovely by the way.

My humble opinion :-)


Maybe together
06/09/2014 - 17:57

we can exert enough cosmic energy to influence the wizards of VC, although I've lost on Alex's challenge pre-SIHH to guess the upcoming novelties every year since the new 1120/3 came out, wishing for a Historiques 222.  I understand the difficulty of distinguishing from the Overseas line with a similar steel watch that would cost more due to the movement...that no one can see.  Hence my only disagreement with you in suggesting a transparent caseback would be helpful.  Ah, but now that truss bridge rotor is visible sad.

OK, off tangent I know, but why NOT a new 222 considering some of the other uses that wonderful caliber has been put to.  I still don't get the Historiques 1968.

I'm favorable to any initiative
06/09/2014 - 19:32

so count on me! :-)

Maybe in 2017, the reveal of a new 222 but, would you be still happy if VC named it 262?

The truth is a collector with such a bright attitude and knowledge like yours, should find himself a real 222 smiley

Jokes apart, I've never had the chance to see the new movement live, so my opinion is really inconclusive nowadays.

My expectations in the short-term are lower though, I would be happy just to see a new version of the Overseas chronograph; not merely aesthtical change, rather some substance inside.


Been there, done that...
06/09/2014 - 20:43

My LAST off-topic intrustion into this post blush but check this thread:

Please, in a new "discussion", post your dream idea re new OS chronograph yes

One is enough
06/10/2014 - 18:48

The s/g version is the most beautiful of its kind, within the 4 (IWC 1832, VC 222, AP 5402, PP 3700) to my opinion.

I'd rather add another 222 to my collection than a contemporary version of it.

There's no need to post furthermore. I don't ask for much. Vertical clutch, column wheel, no silicon, equatable to Roger Dubuis RD680, brilliantly polished, inside a closed cased-back, 40mm case, at most.



don't hold your breath for a 222 but then again...
06/10/2014 - 09:49

maybe you can hold your breath a bit but you'll have to wait another 2 years devil

06/10/2014 - 15:57

calender marked, gonna buy plane tickets heart

Re: don't hold your breath for a 222 but then again...
06/10/2014 - 16:44

Is this a spoiler?  Did we just learn something "top secret"?