the arrival of a limited edition Quai de l'Ile Tantalum on the Lounge

Unfortunately it didn't arrive for me but Ed a Lounger who asked me to post for him as he is currently travelling.

With his permission I'm posting our email exchanges which led him to this choice.

Ed:  I wanted your advice on a Quai de L'ile please. Solid or transparent and what combo? I'm not for the annual calendar and like the simple date model. The boutique just got a solid dial titanium bezel, dial and crown with rose flanks and numbers and hands. Thoughts please?

Me:  I'm a huge Quai de l'Ile fan but prefer much more the open dial versions. The automatic date is also a great watch and I used to have an all palladium version (which I sold to get the day/date model).
To tell you the truth I'm not a fan of the models with rose flanks, I much prefer the case to be in RG or palladium with titanium flanks. The all palladium is really nice too (scan attached)

Ed:  There is one of the limited tantalum palladium models at the boutique. What is your opinion of this one? Sapphire dial. Date only

Me: Love it and if I had the funds would have got it!!!!!

Ed:  Why do you like it so much?

Me: Because it is a phenomenally gorgeous watch, its sleek, elegant, modern and the bluish tint of the tantalum is pure joy

After a few days got the following mail:

Ed:  Got myTantalum/Palladium Quai d L'ille! What a great day! WOOHOO! So beautiful. Just love it!


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