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Marc Guten International Director and Head of Sales as well as Marketing and Communications. 

If there is any specific question you would want to see answered now's the time to post them ask your questions to VC: I'm preparing an interview of
02/24/2009 - 14:00
1. what's the worldwide strategy of QdI line launch? 2. what's the worldwide reception of QdI line as a product line as well as numbers and figures? 3. is VC going to stick to the same marketing/advertising communication line or is new concept going to be developed? The reason I'm asking is I have seen the QdI ad in a French magazine still under "253 years of uninterrupted history" slogan and concept... It just didn't convince me. I have a feeling with all its new technical features and modern design (all connected to VC's heritage) QdI line deserves a fresh and somewhat more innovative and creative ad concept... especially if VC is going to reach out to new, younger audience with QdI (and that is my understanding) 4. are we going to see new trends in VC sales in the coming years? Thank you Radek 
Radek's point three is intersting.... nt
02/24/2009 - 15:13
a series of questions
02/24/2009 - 15:44
- what is the impact of the current crisis on VC? - what is needed to change to adapt to the new situation? - are the glorious years behind the industry (meaning ridiculous watches (does not apply to VC at ridiculous prices....applies to VC and the industry as a whole)  - 10 years ago you needed to be well off to afford VC watches, today you need to be rich. What happened?
Re: ask your questions to VC: I'm preparing an interview of
02/24/2009 - 16:40
1) I would like to know (at least) the top 5 countries (markets) for VC in terms of volume sold (figures or percentages if available). 2) Although I appreciate the tremendous work that goes into the VC in-house movements (in particular), I feel that the prices of most new VC watches have been going through the ceiling in the last few years.  While the concept and design of the QdI hit the spot, don't you think the pricing will be a barrier?  Is such pricing part of the marketing plan? (VC is VC because not everyone can afford one). 3) Are there any plans to strengthen VCs marketing/advertising?  In Japan, I have noticed more ads in magazines nowadays.  However, whereas PP, AP, etc. are often included in feature articles, it is quite rare for VC to be included in such articles and pictorials.  Is this a barometer of how unpopular/unknown VC is with the press or targeted readers, or is VC just not into working with as many publications (VC may be too choosy with the publications it works with... many are exposed to Patek or even AP but not VC).  Anyway, I would love to see more coverage of VC. On a more positive note, the VC representatives that I regularly meet at watch fairs are the friendliest and most accomodating people around but they need more help to sell more VC watches!  A little more exposure can't hurt. Cheers! Kazumi
Re: ask your questions to VC: I'm preparing an interview of
02/24/2009 - 17:48
Hello fellow loungers, Here are some Questions/ideas: -any limited edition in stainless steel in the box ? some Les historiques stainless steel re-edition in the box? -any tear-drop 38 mm Les Historiques cal 4400 re-edition in the box ? All  the best to VC and the loungers ! Bernard
Hi Alex, I suppose the one burning question from someone who lives
02/24/2009 - 19:06
in the shadow (or brilliance) of internet companies is: What is V&C doing about online advertising? There are a number of very promising sites, specifically upsale sports sites that cover Formula 1 racing, world wide football and US football, cricket--global sports. PP and AP are already starting to advertise with these groups and I am wondering what V&C plans to do in this market?! Looking forward to the interview, Best to all, Tim
Alex you know my question!
02/24/2009 - 22:17
When will they reclaim their real nameVacheron&Constantin again wonder Doc
Haute Horology
02/24/2009 - 23:57
Alex, I've always wondered if the very low production jewellery and complication pieces actually return a profit or are they considered as prestige pieces and marketing tools?  All those jewellery pieces introduced at SIHH for they produce a return on the investment?  If not, do they divert resources and corporate energy from more practical (and saleable) designs? Second, please ask for some insight into how after-sales service fits into the overall marketing strategy for Vacheron.  I have my own opinions about misplaced priorities but I'd like to know if there is a corporate rationale linking current sales and future serivce needs?  Also, does Vacheron see any profit in revitalizinig it's restorations service.  Mercedes-Benz recently opened a classic restoration center in the USA due to tremendous demand.  Anything to reduce waiting times seems like a good idea to me .
My question....
02/25/2009 - 06:34
Alex, there are some good questions here, and I'm sure you have your own set of questions for Marc. Here's mine: What is the relationship between the marketing/communications departments and the production/design departments? Does Marc have input into what the team working under Product Director Christian Selmoni designs? Where, for instance, did the motivation for making large size watches come from (I'm thinking about the 42 mm Malte Chronograph and the 40 mm Patrimony Contemporaine, which to me were the first watches from VC to "go big")? Bill
What does Marc Guten think about co-branding (nt)
02/25/2009 - 18:19
like putting coca cola on the dial? (nt)
02/25/2009 - 18:24
The idea is that I am not awared about VC co-branding
02/26/2009 - 21:07
such as we can see with AP, JLC...
I am really proud of VC for not choosing a co-branding path...
02/26/2009 - 23:56
it somehow feels like depreciating the brand IMO...
A more business oriented question for Marc...
02/26/2009 - 01:07
As 2009 projects to be a very difficult year for the global economy and by extension the luxury watch market, will VC be following a business perservation strategy or taking a more aggressive expansionist approach?  Of course, any elaboration on his answer would certainly be appreciated. Thanks Alex. Cheers, Duncan