Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for these first beautiful pics you are showing.

Even by reminding what was created for the 250 year anniversary, I must say that they've gone ahead this year on a new step in technics and inspiration, to reach excellence. I hope this will keep on going that way for the future. They are really apart from the other manufactures, keeping this spirit...

Cheers, Anka

I second that!
04/20/2007 - 15:25

For the first time i think that VCs new releases are really homogeneous with each other (but still unique). The "new" Patrimony-Line looks great. Now I hope for a 1972-styled serie with a grand male-size model.



Horological Excellence! That's what I think VC has reached with their
04/20/2007 - 21:03

2007 novelties