Au Contrare

Dear Alex,

I presented my VC for your view along with the reasons for it being one of the VC few to be considered for a "classic" denomination.  You indicated that it was representative the Patrimony Contemporaine (PC) manual wind ... humma, humma humma.

I looked at the PC and determined that your determination that the model represents an equal to my VC: at least is parcity: at most is blindness. Of course, I do not question your "modern reintrepretaion of the typical design of VCs from the 50's" ... that's your and VC's "reintrepretation". 

The PC is not anywhere near a recollection of my timepiece.  A dolt could put the two side-by-side and determine that. 

I'm glad that you deflected my inquiry regardong VC-issued COA with the caveat of the requirement of a Condition Report (CR) from the Auction House.  Who issues such a report?  Christie's and Southby's must have protocols for such?  But, I understand the VC's  HL cannot speak for them.  One must got to the source for most accurate information.  I will do so.  It appears to me that VC ala HL has a problem their practices.

My friend,  I have showed you my wears expecting earnest feedback.  The site has been beneficial in learning about the cut-throat nature of the market. The thousands of hits you profess to the ca*** fellow, tells me that any one of the 30 or so die-hards can sway an auction regarding a VC timepiece (even from the most renoun Auction Houses!).  

Alex. your cavalier treatment of me as a forum member saddens me. More so, it makes more likely than not to assume that VC aided Germany in 1937 in the development of Enigma.  

Henceforth, I will be a "Lurker" --- just monitoring the site.  Noting when the HL, as the "voice " of VC announces VC items for auction.

Too much time spent ...

You are the MAN, Alex

(But, I think that JohnLy needs to offer more oversight/direction, as you speak for VC.  As the "gate-keeper" of the HL/VC - the "knee-jerk" posts of the die-hard need to be carefully considered before posting)

From the title post--- As my Mom used to tell me:  Alex, You don't know s*** from shinola!

Thank you for your consideration,


OMG I insulted your amazing and rare watch which you are incapable of
04/27/2008 - 10:53

posting a scan of. Good bye and please close the door behind you. Thank you for your more than interesting contributions here and please go lurk somewhere else.

the screen name fully describes the person behind it...
04/27/2008 - 11:30

I was going to post while under the influence a couple of times but I thought better of it... You simply couldn't.

Insult is not a way to go around here. Insulting Alex is not the smartest move either - he runs the place and spends tremendous amount of time and energy. He deserves better than your unconsiderate insults. He deserves nothing but all the credit and acknowledgement.

Insulting Alex you really offend this entire community of good-hearted Loungers who gave you a warm welcome to this place. I really took an offence with your post myself. And what is your problem with JohnLy? One of the most gracious Loungers I met in person...

I personally do not want to see this kind of hurt and insult activity on this site. So that you know, go to hell and make some noise some place else.

ah the paranoid martyr, was wondering when one would
04/27/2008 - 11:48

show up!

Bandit you're the type of person who spoils the fun for the others, if you decide to post on a forum you should accept that others may have contrary views and that your subjects may not be the centre of interest for all.

Insult will get you nowhere and if you're unhappy with the information found here maybe you should ask VC for a refund.

You know what?
04/27/2008 - 11:59

I just answered your earlier post some minutes ago !

But when I read these lines I can't understand it's the same person

This is only a forum, where we gladly shares between each other, the little knowledge we have,

probably a lot more than you considering VC, but we always try to behave as grown up men.


I doubt you would have said those words "en face" to Alex,

it's esay being a PC warrior, hiding behind a screen....

If you, which I really not hope, are behaving in this way to peolple in real life,

you got a problem.

Alex is putting an enourmous amount of time with holding this forum going,

besides having a very important position in a wellknown company,

very far from the watch world.

He is doing this of passion, as we all other do.

When one of my dogs have done something very stupid, which doesn't happen too often,

I say "go to the basket"  and  


I'm the true lurker.
04/27/2008 - 12:05

I have lurked here since nearly the first month.

I posted for the first time the other day.

But I read what's on this site, don't you?

Didn't you read the post were the other members discussed behavior?

As the one who posted only once before, I wouldn't discuss watches,

at least here, but I know how to behave in normal life.


Unfortunately, we have to deal with people like this on fora!
04/27/2008 - 13:33

But if you are not happy and insist too much, just go away and do not spoil the others as my fellow Loungers claim.

Only by respect for the others.

04/27/2008 - 14:49

Alex is by far one of the most gracious and knowledgable men that I have met since getting intersted in watches (28 years). He alone has spent many hours creating a friendly and informative forum and really having a hard time understanding your rant.

Mr L

sorry for shouting....nt
04/27/2008 - 22:04

nt nt

Don't really know where you are coming from, but
04/27/2008 - 17:47

I have an idea where you ought to go...

I am really surprised by this post of yours.  I actually enjoyed reading your previous posts and, as Doc mentioned, I am really wondering if this post came from the same person (A case of Jekyll and Hyde).  If this is the kind of attitude you choose to maintain, then I am pretty sure you will not be welcome in any forum (or in any congregation for that matter).

What is good about this Lounge is that it provides everyone a venue to speak our minds freely about things horological and otherwise.  What is good with the typical Lounger is that such freedom of speech is always tempered with responsibility, especially towards others.  Even if Loungers disagree on something, we all state our cases in a non-aggressive and respectful manner.  Nothing is made personal, no offense meant, and no offense taken.  If there is anyone who embodies such behaviour, it is our dear Alex who has proven to be such a gentleman moderator right from day one. 

If you are sure your watch is the quintessential VC, then that's all that should matter right?  No need to be insecure and no need to force your opinion on others (or cry out if you do not hear what you wanna hear from others).

Anyway, here's a going away present just to show I have no hard feelings.  It might not be half as nice as the watch you claim to have, but I like it and that's pretty much what should matter most. 

(The Patrimony Contemporaine manual wind; a modern reintrepretaion of the typical design of VCs from the 50's)

Feel free to insult the shirt, though...My wife calls it dressy pyjamas (I tend to agree).

My dear Kazumi,
04/27/2008 - 20:49

I think you and I should have a talk about shirts

How dare you, wear such fantastic watch, with that shirt ?

If you write me a mail, I'll tell you where I buy my shirt's, like these for instance

Always from a firm in NY, and to reasonable prices..

If all shirts are in the laundry,

better use a friend, to wear your watch, like Miki use to do,

BTW where are YOU Miki ??

it's been quite silent around here



LOL! Doc, with my budget, you are lucky I have a shirt on!
04/28/2008 - 08:00

Hi Doc,

What I need you to tell me is where you guys get all your $$$!

No use knowing the shop if you haven't got the moolah.

Anyway, I'll make sure I get a decent shirt just for posting, just for you. 

...Either that or I'll use my daughter's teddy too, ala Miki.



as much as think you're a very handsome man...
04/28/2008 - 19:23

...I am VERY happy that you're got a shirt ON in the photos

04/27/2008 - 22:30


You are wasted.

04/28/2008 - 03:07

I don't understand why a person should write a post like this.

It's uncanny!

Guys, why waste time to talk to him and about him?
04/28/2008 - 06:40

Don't you have enough genuine VCs to talk about?



04/28/2008 - 16:22