Audible Automatic Sounds

Hi All,
I noticed today with my new overseas automatic that I can here the winding of the automatic movement when I rock the watch back and forth on my wrist at a distance of 3 feet or so. Is this normal? I was never able to hear any of the automatic windings of any other watch, so i was curious if this meant something else was at play here and if so what it means. Its keeps perfect time etc, but just hear the noise. Its the same clicking noice heard when winding it manually, but at a much higher rate.

Thanks in advance!
Re: Audible Automatic Sounds
05/08/2013 - 00:13 are in fact getting younger?! Do you see buses coming towards you earlier than before? Do your joints ache less? Can you get out of a chair 'on he first attempt', and without a slight sigh? And without the embarrassing evacuation of a small gush of wind? Honestly, maybe you are just paying more attention. A doctor said the same to me once after I complained of a sore throat. I was convinced new and dangerously unhealthy lumps, bumps and folds had suddenly appeared. They are still there and I lived. On the other hand your watch could be totally knackered and in need of expensive spa services. Much like my wife. Regards Gary ps: I realise my sarcastic and deprecating nature may not have been very helpful, but I like to think that in the absence of true knowledge an attempt at humour is a good substitute for all manner of ills. And like those buses, real help will be at hand two to the dozen any second now.
from 3 feet away??
05/08/2013 - 01:52
may be you have developed super hearing ability! I can't hear mine wind or tick from more than 15-20cms away
normal to hear the rotor.... but slightly
05/08/2013 - 11:31
Re: normal to hear the rotor.... but slightly
05/10/2013 - 07:32
Thank you for your replies. Im guessing its normal since its only noticable in a totally silent room, and if its supposed to be audbile at all im sure thats what im hearing and its normal. The noise doesnt bother me I just wanted to be sure it was ok. Keeps perfect time and is abosultely stunning :) I bought the automatic with white guiloche dial and steel strap. I also ordered in a rubber and leather strap as alternates.  I have to figure out how to post a picture as i have take a couple of stunning shots.