back. Was it spring coming...

... that made all of you post so much? I just spent hours checking the past 6 or 7 pages of posts!!!

I have not read all of them, that's impossible.

I have a request for Alex: can you make a "print" button which prints out all threads from a certain date to a certain date? back. Was it spring coming...

Good spring to all!! And good Autumn to the people upside down!! back. Was it spring coming...

Nice you're coming back from vacation Nico.
03/24/2008 - 12:23

I have also the same problem than you, even after leaving a few days for business trip, it's such a huge amount of posts (with their answers) to read.

Alex (and VC), please try to find a solution (a kind of filter to select posts after a while, depending on the title, for instance...)

One solution gentlemen...
03/24/2008 - 23:47

don't go on vacation or connect each day

I just got back from a week end and need to catch up on everything!!

The "new" posts function will soon be up...

Nico and, sorry &, Patrice !
03/24/2008 - 15:22

I already have taken this up with Alex and we try to find a solution, with help from the VC guys.

Otherwise it will be loose threads, and nobody see your answer, when you answer it a week or so later!

I think this is a great problem, not least when you in the future are looking back on certain subjects,

and the final answer is not at the thread, but posted separately a week or two afterwards.

So we will fix it


I was kind of joking...
03/25/2008 - 03:56

seriously... you can't make a button that prints automatically whole threads and things like that.

can you?

No but really, I was just pulling your legs. It gave me several hours of fun to check a majority of the posts!