Beauty contest (IV) : VC / Richard Mille (my first "New Poll")

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Re: Beauty contest (IV) : VC / Richard Mille (my first "New Poll&
10/01/2008 - 20:05
Alex, This format is so impersonal. JB
QdI hands down, I have a lot of respect and admiration for RM but the
10/01/2008 - 20:06
RM 05 qnd 10 are not really my cup of tea. I owned a RM 05 for about a year but it didn't get much wrist time. I love his more complicated pieces though but the QDI is definately one of the most exciting pieces around right now and it has me as excited as an MB&F or a Vianney Halter!! VC has definately had an "independent" approach on the least that's how I perceive it. PS if you prefer not using the poll function no problem, do as you feel more comfortable.
I like the Richard Mille but the QDI is unbeatable!!!!!!!!nt
10/01/2008 - 20:21
QdI no questions asked... nt
10/01/2008 - 21:03
it is, for me, the hottest and desirable piece on the market right now
I may encure some wrath but the Mille "speaks" to me more (not much)nt
10/01/2008 - 23:47
Thanks for the beauty contests, Lin. I go for the QdI..
10/02/2008 - 02:44

The RM is interesting but not my cup of tea.  The QdI is a brilliant concept and the design is looking better everytime I see it.  My only concern is the pricing which seems a little steep IMHO (according to my very shallow pockets). Thanks again Lin!! Kazumi

Oh, this is a tough one...
10/02/2008 - 03:17
I am a very big fan of RM watches and I also like Richard himself.  He is a very charismatic gentleman and a lot of fun to talk with.  I, too, have a lot of respect for Richard and particularly appreciate the fact that he does not pretend to be something or someone that he is not. However, as this particular beauty contest is between the RM005 and the new Quai de l'Ile, I would choose the QDI.  There are other RM pieces which I like more than the RM005 but thankfully, you did not propose one of those for this poll. Cheers, Duncan
Re: Beauty contest (IV) : VC / Richard Mille (my first "New Poll")
10/02/2008 - 06:47
My vote is in. But I wish you could send me both to wear for a week so I can be more experienced with my vote. Should I forward my shipping address? Regards, Matt
This is not a fair contest;)
10/03/2008 - 14:56

RM got a better photo on view, we should also have a close-up for QDI! QDI is more beautiful(since this is a beauty contest ) when we looked at the real ones (not through any media), plus more choices can be made personally, we are not Richard, after all;)

Information on RM movement
10/03/2008 - 20:54
In doing this comparison, you should also note that all automatic watch movements in RM watches are made exclusively by Parmigiani. I had the pleasant opportunity to learn this while having dinner last evening with Michel Parmigiani visiting here from Parmigiani Fleurer in Switzerland. Regards, Matt
one slight correction regarding the automatic RM movement. It is not
10/04/2008 - 19:07
made by Parmigiani but by Vaucher which is a company which is owned by Parmigiani (and in which Hermes has a big stake).