Been following Dean's thoughts and others,

not least my own!
As always there is much in what Dean writes, a man,
who has reached the summit of Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina, at 6962m,
wearing a Vacheron Constantin!

i'm a bit embarassed Been following Dean's thoughts and others, over his proposition, but you who knows me,
know that it's the vintage Vacheron&Constantin, that makes my hear beat.

Since Vacheron Constantin is so high in prices, there is no 'in-step' model,
at least for younger or not to wealthy aficionados, or aficionados to be.
If they can't afford to buy a VC, then we don't get any more supporters.

The only 'in-step' model today is a vintage Vacheron&Constantin!

This I think is very good, because first they get a watch with the true name on the dial and secondly,
and even more important, they start searching about the Firm, the watch and enters the history of the oldest watchmaker.

So we really must handle all questions about vintage watches with care.
Make it easy for them to find out.
Open new ways and locked doors!
How, when and in which ways is the question.

But it's a must to be done and as soon as possible.

It's better than answering people writing about watches'given', 'inherited' etc,
that are for sale at Ebay, or are apparent fakes.

Apparent fakes shouldn't destroy the pure pages in The Hour Lounge book of visitors!
Nobody want to see them!

So I support all that could make it easier in finding out about vintage watches!
BTW thanks Dan and others for expressing the same feelings as Dean (tick-talk),
I know that most of you think the same as Dean, and sometimes you have to put it
quite sharp, to get some notice of your efforts!

To be honest, and I written private to Alex,
the reason that I'm not so active is just,
the abscence of vintage watches and all about them!


Doc your knowledge is invaluable and vintage VC is and remains
04/16/2011 - 21:31
some of the nicest ever made!
I knew you would understand Doc
04/18/2011 - 01:36
Thanks for adding your thoughts, Mr. Ambassador