Beware of scam!

I have received an email from this address:  No identity of the sender was revealed.  The contents of the email is basically regarding a collection of a musuem piece pocket watch circa 1820.  The sender gave a full story as to the history of this watch.  It is interesting.  However, the sender did not specifically ask me to buy the watch.  The person is cunning as he is setting a bait for you to bite.  He is waiting for you to inquire more information from him.

So, please be careful.  Otherwise, you will end up posting the photo of the watch and asking Alex:  Real or Fake?

P/s: Alex, I need to post the address of the site to alert everybody, i hope i do not infringe any rules here.



Forgot to mention, it is a VC pocket watch. No photo.
08/16/2007 - 03:29


Thank you for the heads up Ling. The watch you mention was in fact
08/16/2007 - 12:48

posted on the site a while back:

However, posting one's watch and sending unsollicited offers of sale disguised or not to parties which have not shown any kind of interest of buying will not be admitted on this site and could lead to having one's account blocked