Bibliography: advice and hopes

Dear All,

I think I have (and read) most of the publications about Vacheron Constantin, currently available.

I would be grateful if you could suggest me something I might have missed.

Omitted, in the following picture, the catalogues (I have several from past to present days).

Bibliography: advice and hopes

I must say thanks to Alex and Daniel for gifting me the noticeable book about the 1731 calibre (congrats Alex on your work! yes).

I wonder if I'm the only one to feel the need for a book made for collectors, mainly.

I have some fresh examples in my mind, conceived by intelligent curators who took the challenge to introduce books made with this formulation, focused on references, descriptions of the models, their genesis etc. for other brands.

I understand it would be a tough exercise to deal with, due to the immense production of VC but still, I'd really love to have something like that.

I've read the book: "The secrets of Vacheron Constantin" is probably going to be re-edited and renewed, I'm afraid it won't suffice my need to know more about watches though frown

Unquestionably, the hour lounge is by far the most important source of information from this perspective. I take the chance to say thanks once more to the moderators and to the contributors, as I'm avidly reading the articles and the reccomended threads available in this site.

Thank you for your help and comments smiley

P.S. Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, my fault, I'm new to the forum and maybe I haven't taken advantage of the search engine to its best.

Re: Bibliography: advice and hopes
05/02/2014 - 21:38
Could you give us a list of what you have. I recognize some, but not all in your photo. Joseph
Re: Re: Bibliography: advice and hopes
05/02/2014 - 23:05
The universe of Vacheron Constantin - C.L. Lambelet/ L. Coen. Edition Scriptar SA/Vacheron Constantin The Geneva Seal - Vacheron Constantin (taken as an example for various publications, like catalogues etc. internal to the Company) The Secrets of Vacheron Constantin - F. Cologni. Flammarion The quarter millenium of Vacheron Constantin - Antiquorum monothematic auction catalogue Calibre 1731 - A. Ghotbi Vox - Antiquorum Mag (taken as an example for various sources external to the Company)smiley
This is what I have collected throughout the years.
05/03/2014 - 13:51
    I have just listed it all since I have written it in to a word document of mine. There might be a title or two you have missed.   Cheers Kent. Books about Vacheron Constantin: Milestones of Watchcraft. 1955. The World of Vacheron Constantin. Carole Lambelet / Lorette Coen.  1992. Augenweide Armbanduhr. Vacheron Constantin. Anton Kreuzer. 1992. Secrets of Vacheron Constantin. Franco Cologni. 2005. Treasures of Vacheron Constantin.  Julien Marchenoir. 2011. Calibre 2755. A. Ghotbi?.  2011 Calibres 2253 & 2260. A. Ghotbi. 2012. Calibre 1731. A. Ghotbi . 2013.  Auctions catalogs: The Art Of Vacheron Constantin.  Antiquorum.  1994. The Quarter Millenium of Vacheron Constantin.  Antiquorum. 2005. Magazine editions only about Vacheron Constantin: Vacheron Constantin.  130 pages.  Chronos.  Special ausgabe.  2009. Die Metiérs D´Art Bei Vacheron Constantin.  34 pages. Chronos. Special ausgabe 2012. Magazine editions where a longer article is about Vacheron Constantin: Vacheron & Constantin in Genf seit 1755. To articles in two different numbers.  Alte Uhren 3-1986 und 5-1986. Vacheron Constantin. Die Älteste Uhrenmarke der Welt. Page 26 to 43. Uhren Magazin. April 1995. Vacheron Constantin Chronométre Royal.  Page 14 to 23. Klassik Uhren 1/1999. Vox. Spring 2005. Antiquorum. Small books/catalogs  from Vacheron Constantin (advertising catalogs):Une Histoire Dans L`Histoire. Claude-Daniel Proellochs . 54 pages. 1989.Faire mieux si possible, ce qui est toujours possible. In English.  23 pages.  1997.Mémoire Des Marques Vacheron Constantin.  F. Cologni. 79 pages.  2000.La Passion Des Complications.  Claude-Daniel Proellochs. 97 pages. 2002. Catalogs from different years:1966: (printed ”66” ) Annual catalog: “Vacheron Et Constantin”. 1967: Retailers catalog/pricelist 1967. 197X: (printed XXXX) Annual catalog:   ”Vacheron Constantin”1976: (printed “76”) Annual catalog:  No title.1988: (printed “X. 87”)  Annual catalog:  “Vacheron Constantin”.  pricelist (”VI. 88”). 1989-90: (printed ????) Annual catalog:  ”Vacheron Constantin” .  1990-91: (printed ????) Annual catalog:  ”Vacheron Constantin”. Two pricelist (“I. 91”)1991-92: (printed ????) Annual catalog:  ”Vacheron Constantin”. 1994: (printed”3/94”) Annual catalog:  “Vacheron Constantin”.  Two pricelist (”5/94” og en fra  ”May 1995”) 1996: (printed “10/ 96”) Special catalogue: “Vacheron Constantin” / “Overseas” (engelsk) 1996: (printed “10/ 96”) Special catalogue: “Vacheron Constantin” / “Overseas” (fransk)1997: (printed “10/97”) Annual catalog:  Vacheron Constantin. 1997: (printed “3.97”) Special catalogue.1998: (printed ”1998”) Annual catalog in French ?: ” Vacheron Constantin explorateur de la vie et du temps”.1998: (printed ”1998”) Annual catalog in German:  ?:  ”Vacheron Constantin – Betrachtungen zur Zeit”. Prisliste(“9/99”) 1999: (Printed “1999 / 3.4”) Special catalogue: “Overseas Chronograph” 2000: (Printed “2000”) Special catalogue: “Carree Historique/limited Edition” 2000: (Printed ”2000”) Special catalogue: (Malte) med prisliste (”December 2000”).2001: (Printed 2000) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion”. Prisliste (”Februar 2001”)2002: (Printed ????) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion 2001-2002”. Prisliste (2002)2003: (printed “2002”) Annual catalog:  ”Les Collections 2003”. Prisliste (2003)2005: (Printed “2004”) Annual catalog:   ”Die kollektion 2004-2005”. Prisliste (”november 2004”)2007: (printed ”2006”) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion 2006-2007”.2008: (Printed “2007”) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion 2007-2008”. Prisliste (”May 2008”) 2008: (Printed ”2008”) Special catalogue: ”Quai De L’ile” 2008: (Printed ”2008”) Special catalogue: ”Patrimony” 2008: (Printed”xxxx”) SIHH katalog 2008 ”Oeverseas” 2008: (Printed ”2008”) Special catalogue: ”Unsere Werte”. 2008: (Printed ”2008”) Special catalogue: ”Die Genfer Punze” 2008: (Printed ”2008”) Special catalogue: ”The Hallmark of Geneva”2009: (Printed ”2008”) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion 2008-2009”. Prisliste (”????”) prislisten er rigtig.2010: (Printed ”2009”) Annual catalog:  ”Die kollektion 2009-2010”. 2011: (Printed ”2010”) Annual catalog:  ”Les Collections 2010-2011” Prisliste ( ”september 2010”)2011: (Printed ”2010”) Annual catalog:   ”Die Kollektionen 2010-2011” Prisliste ( ”september 2010”)2012: (Printed ”2011”) Annual catalog:   ”Les Collections 2011-2012” 2012: (Printed ”2011”) Annual catalog:  ”Die Kollektionen 2011-2012” 2013: (Printed ”2012”) Annual catalog:  ”Die Kollektionen 2012-2013” Prisliste  ( ”october  2012”)2014. (Printed  ”2013”) Annual catalog:  “The Collections 2013-2014” Other Books with special chapter or a section about  Vacheron Constantin: Wristwatches. History of a centurys development. Kahlert/Mühe/Brunner. 5 th Edition. 2005. High Society.  Chapter: Horologist to America’s Upper Class. 8 pages.  Nick Foulkes. 2008. Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland.  Heinz Hampel. 1994.  
Very exaustive reply, thanks
05/03/2014 - 15:30
It seems I'm missing the Antiquorum catalogue: "The art of Vacheron Constantin". Meanwhile I found several threads related to good readings in the forum. The picture about what's available is clearer. I hope in the future to witness the launch of a book (or a series of books) essentially conceived for collectors which, to my humble opinion, is still missing in the landscape of the current bibliography.
Kent has given you quite a comprehensive listing.
05/03/2014 - 21:47
The only others I would suggest which may be difficult to find are: "In Geneva since 1755", an excellent promotional book put out by VC in 1973. "L'Horologerie a Geneve" the catalogue for the watch exhibition at the Musé Rath which was on during the SIHH 2012. VC was a major sposor and had its own gallery within the exhibition. Best, Joseph
Excellent Joseph.
05/04/2014 - 00:41
They are now on my list of books I'm still missing in my little Vacheron Constantin library. Thanks for the tip smiley   Cheers Kent
I am as you looking forward to books aimed at the collectors.
05/04/2014 - 00:56
I do believe it will take quite a while before we will see any books from Vacheron Constantin where they will say that a certain ref number is produced in so many pieces, with these different dials and  the following calibers ticking inside.    This is from the interview with J. Marchenoir.   A. Ghotbi: Why does Vacheron Constantin systematically refuse to give production numbers for vintage watches?   J. Marchenoir: I know that there has been quite some talk about this but the problem is that the numbers we have are limited to our current knowledge. It can happen that the production of a certain reference was stopped than restarted years later and as long as we have not fully mastered our archives we rather not give numbers rather than give wrong ones. Imagine we say that a reference in a specific combination was made in 20 pieces but years later we realize we made 200 pieces, the person having bought one would be upset and rightly so. We need to be responsible and only provide correct information even if this means creating frustration from our collectors, buyers and auction houses for the moment.   This is the link to the hole interview (I believe you might already have read it)   I wish you a succesfull hunting in getting some VC books/catalogs and please do share if you find something that is a well kept secret.   All the best. Kent  
Thanks, it's also up on "us"
05/04/2014 - 02:16
For instance, I've lately made a discovery about an octagonal watch from another brand (I think I made it not that hard to guess). I have collected several evidences which led me believing the escapement of this watch didn't always host the gyromax in its four first series (A series probably excluded, so, starting from B series to D) like most of collectors were used to think. These kind of information/"discoveries", necessarily represent the output of a shared knowledge and the collaboration of a wide group of people (to support the reasearches, to compare etc.). Obviously, you won't find this information in none of the books available. Just an example to describe how the scenario of watchmaking has changed in the last, let's say, 10 years. The ecosystem of watchmaking is always more integrated to my opinion and, to the older actors (e.g. Companies, the specialized press) new ones gained their own room, like bloggers, fora members, people not working in the business but orbiting around the environment, bringing new energies to the study of vintage, in particular. The bibliography I'm looking forward to read in the future will definitely need to re-think the approach to the subject, this way - imho, that is, with the contributions of all these actors. I will surely share with you any information about new books it will eventually happen to me to find in the future, about Vacheron Constantin. Thank you All for the supportive comments and info. Regards, roberto