Big store warranty- is it worth it?

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I bought a patrimony traditionnelle self-winding about a month ago from Tourneau in Las Vegas (authorized dealer). At the same time, I also bought the store warranty for about 1000$ which lasts 3 years. The sales person told me that it covers normal wear and tear also covers 1 service maintenance within that timeframe. After having a bit of time to think and become more paranoid, I'm still unsure if I did the right thing.

As I understand it (I may be wrong), it is Tourneau that will be doing this maintenance service. Is that considered OK or should I be sending it to a service center? I guess the real question is: Do ADs normally do the maintenance themselves or is it normally shipped to some other VC service center? That's one of the things that worries me... if I get it serviced  by Tourneau this time, I'm afraid that the next time I get it serviced somewhere else by VC service center that they tell  me "I don't know WHO cleaned your watch last time, but it's been butchered" :).

The good point about this warranty is that it covers bracelets. So, if I understood properly, I can get my leather straps replaced for free if it gets mangled. I guess this is plausible seeing how I wear it every day... I may have to change it a maximum of twice within the 3 year period.

The reason why I'm asking this now is that I could get the Tourneau warranty partially refunded. There are just a few things that are still unclear in my head. As it turns out, calling the Tourneau warranty line didn't help me understand the situation any better. Maybe I was unlucky and got someone new. I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

Thank you for any input you may have.

PS: I'll be posting this on a few other discussion groups, so I apologize in advance if you've read this multiple times.
Good luck with those straps; also with the service.
02/07/2010 - 10:57
I would be surprised if you could get straps replaced if they simply wore out, but I could be wrong. As for the service, you should ask yourself whether if you were paying for the service you would want to trust the watch to Tourneau. My feeling is that if you're willing to have Tourneau do the service, you may as well have your local independent watchmaker do it. If so, you can do that and buy quite a number of bracelets as well for $1000.
I avoid all in store, extra, warranty programs (nt)
02/07/2010 - 11:13
Re: Big store warranty- is it worth it?
02/07/2010 - 17:10
Good morning Tien. Lets examine the facts here that I understand. You received at no additional cost a full two year warranty on your new VC watch from the manufacturer - that's standard from VC for all of us. If you paid with a major credit card as I would expect, this purchase is covered by most credit card companies for an additional year of warranty - check your personal documents. So without any additional cost you have 3 years of warranty with service provided by VC. The Tourneau warranty from what I understand is for them to provide the service with their technicians who I am sure have some training :)). So now we are left with replacing a leather strap and the costs involved there which don't amount to spending $1,000. Good luck with your final decision. Best wishes for your new watch. Regards, Matt
Re: Big store warranty- is it worth it?... maybe not...
02/08/2010 - 06:34
The warranty sounded like a good idea at the time, but after reading reactions from fellow loungers (and from other discussion groups), I realize it's not worth it. I'll ask Tourneau to cancel the watch protection and refund whatever wasn't used of the warranty (35 out of 36 months!). I'll put the money in the piggy bank and save it for Vachy's trip to the spa in 5 years. Thank you for the input. It was interesting. Tien