A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts

Fist I want to thanks every one which has shared and posted with us some SIHH photos and impressions, for all readers who cannot attend it, it gives a lot A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts
Everyone can make a first good impressions on the novelties and that's appreciated by anyone here.

So thanks again to all SIHH who had posted here !


From the photos you shared kindly with us, my own impressions:
Like FX not as amazing as 2010 but some very nice novelties. Eve if a watch is a complete package, I am always very sensitive to the case design, my opinion is always biased in that direction.

.Two marvels:

-The Historique 1954 "lips" or "aronde" !A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts
Since Lange has decided to stop his cabaret, simply the most beautiful simple rectangular watch on the market imho, not less. The case design is amazing, charming, poetic, lovely!
The dial is simple with some lovely details at the same time
The caliber is not rectangular shaped but maybe we can hope one in the future if VC goes on with "tonneau" and recangular watches, but it doesn't affect the "power" of this beauty.

What a charming watch!

-The perpetual calendar on the Patrimony contemporaine basis: perfection.A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts
I love this case, the dial of the normal version is beautiful but maybe a litlle empty for people who like complicated watch.
Well here it is just perfect, not too less, not too much.
The caliber is beautiful and flat, wich gives it a marvellous overall elegance.
Maybe my favourite 2011 Vacheron, a dagger in the heart of perpetual calendar lovers.

.A bit disapointing:

-The Quai de l'île: like Foversta I am not into it, the dials are beautiful but in the end it spoils the concept.
I found the normal QDI a bit large, the annual calendar is definitely too much for me.A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts

.And the one which leaves me torn between two feelings: amazement and dispointment: the WorldtimeA big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts

First the comparison with Patek is normal, it is the reference since many years in that complication.
A similar watch wouldn't make sense, and Vacheron cleverly offers something different.
I will still do the comparison because I think every customer will do it.

From a very personnal feeling, Patek makes very pure watch, very balanced, kind of perfect but cold. Where Vacheron gives me a poetic feeling, something more charming, finally more "catching". The Worldtime complication gives to PP what they often lack the most, a little poetry.

About the VC;
The caliber is the new reference on Worldtime, no question about, Patek is far away behind on this point wiht his old Cottier system. Congratulations VC development team. A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts
The dial, very nice, poetic, I love it but it is a little flat, like the saphire. On this kind of complication I would have loved a slightly curved earth and sapphire.
The hands are pure genius, I find them TER-RI-FIC.A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts

Last point; the case, that's where VC missed to erase completely the competitors.
The patrimony traditionnelle is not made for high complication imho, flat flanks, flat bezel, it gives presence to a simple watch, on the simple Patrimony it is just perfect.
Butfor big complications it gives pan effect I dislike. And here the watch seems a bit fat and a bit "cold", too bad A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts 
I would have loved so much curved flanks, a Jubilee 1755 case (or a flat "Tour de l'ile") or a Mercator would have fit in so well.
Imagine the Mercator or a flat tour de l'ile with the Patrimony Worldtime dial, a curved sapphire, slightly curved hands on a slightly curved earth.  A bit in the idea of the Magellan Watch if you know it it but not goingin that far.
That would have been pure poetry and an invitation to travel and admire the earth.
credit: journal de la haute horlogerie

That's why I have mixed feelinfs on this Wolrdtime, best Worldtime caliber, great dial and hands but it could have been such a crusher with different choices in the case and the dial and sapphire shape. A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts

cheers Francois
Re: A big Thank you for all SIHH reports and some thoughts
02/06/2011 - 22:27
To be more concrete: this case of the St gervais withe Worldtime dial (for those who knows photoshop ) credit: Alex credit: Patrice cheers Francois
there is a problem if you don't think the Patrimony Traditionnelle
02/06/2011 - 23:35
is fit for complications as it is the model range which will in priority recieve complications. The Patrimony Contemporaine could be another solution but only fit for slim complications. On the other hand I'm glad VC did not uses a specially designed case for the World Time as for years VC  had as many cases as it had models and one major reproach collectors had with the brand was that it had no recognizable model and finally the model ranges have been cleaned up and now there is consistency.  
I get it
02/07/2011 - 00:05
As a brand there is a need of identification, but the idea behind each watch is more important imho. Obviously this worldtime is a fantastic watch but it still drives me crazy to think about other possibilities with this watch.
some had suggested a tear drop lug case but VC already had one and
02/07/2011 - 10:34
not sure it was its best design
The idea behind
02/07/2011 - 12:18

A Worldtime is an invitation to travel, to contemplate the world, the problem on the tear drop lugs is not really the case the case this time but the dial , too flat not poetic enough. There is this movie for kids "His dark materials : the golden compass" The image reflects what I would love to see from such a watch, a kids amazed by an object describing the world. The Patrimony Worldtime goes in that direction and is logical in the Vacheron Collection and gives consistency, I deeply pray to see a Métiers d'Art out of this material to go further. Here is the magellan watch: the idea is nice for the dial and the glass, but hands, case, and caliber are not high horology. Imagine this idea but not so exagereted, in the majestic Saint Gervais case in yellow gold. If this happened, no comparison would have come to my mind. It would be an amazing piece of art, the owner would have had treasure. Cheers  Francois (too passionate)

fascinating conversation mon ami...however I respectfully disagree as
02/07/2011 - 12:35
having a too sophistaicated case would have become too baroque with all that is going on the dial. This is one reason the Patrimony Traditionnelle with its rather austere no nonsense case has been chosen to house the grand complications. Just my 2c
Just two Vacheron nuts discussing normally :D
02/07/2011 - 14:53

The "baroque" case fits the idea behind, especially in yellow gold. The idea has to guide the products, the overall design and its caliber, that's my deep conviction. That's why when a Mértier d'Art is released like the Opera de Paris, the Masks or Grands Explorateurs, it is just pure magic or like with the American 1921 last year. Something more than "just a beautiful watch" happens, there are ideas, dreams, feelings, and that's quite stronger than "just a beautiful watch" imho.   But the need of identification has also to be there considering Vacheron Constantin as a brand. The balance in between is very delicate and difficult. I still prefer the St Gervais to the last Patrimony 2253, if they can be compared and stick to the idea of a different case for the Wordltime. And this Worldtime is already a marvellous watch, it is just the watch nut which would have like to see something a little different. My 2 centimes d'anciens francs Stubborn Francois