Blank Certificate of Origin Sells for US$530

Unbelievable in more ways than one!  A fleabay auction just concluded with the sale of a blank vintage Vacheron certificate of origin for USD $530 Blank Certificate of Origin Sells for US$530  I suspect it will be used to "legitimize" a vintage piece but for that money one could obtain an honest certificate of authenticity from the factory.  The only inconvenience is the waiting....

A questionable aspect of this blank certificate is the signature of "C. Constantin", whereas another genuine certificate I've seen has the signature as "Ch. Constantin".  Anyone have knowledge of this?

Blank Certificate of Origin Sells for US$530

Blank Certificate of Origin Sells for US$530
Thats one way of looking at it
11/30/2008 - 23:19
It may not be correct for any watch, but it's half the price and a year faster than a real one. I've paid $650 for a NOS vintage box, and I considered the COA. As for the fleabay, its funny, isn't it? One day it's ephemra, the next it might be a 4178 for $10K! I guess my days of poaching vintage pieces off there are over. The secret is out.
I'm confused about your points....
12/01/2008 - 02:07
A faked certificate of origin is similar to a vintage box?  Even if one was to represent the box as original to the watch I wouldn't agree, because the certificate could be used to make a person believe the watch movement and case matched when that might not be true. Now according to the VC website, the cost of a genuine certificate of authenticity is CHF 850, which is about USD $700.  So the cost of a person's conscience is $170?  I admit the time factor is a big PITA but really it just doesn't seem worth the bad karma IMHO. But I'm afraid you've lost me regarding fleabay and poaching.  As I understand it, poaching is when you buy from a seller who doesn't know what they finding a Patek at a fleamarket advertised as "old watch $10".  Have you had success doing this?   Regardless, $530 certainly wasn't poaching and, back to my original point, if the certificate is used improperly then it's fraud, not ephemera.
Not really fake...
12/01/2008 - 03:02
The certificate wasn't fake, it was filled in with serial numbers and would be correct for some watch out there somewhere. So I would consider it efemera rather than a "fake". I know they have a price on the website, but I've seen a reciept recently that listed a much higher price listed in euros equal to about US $1500. I've gone through the process 5 years ago and it was even higher than that. Maybe the price is going down, and maybe its less than a year now. I wouldn't do it for a watch worth less than $10k, and if someone cares enough to want the very best they should know the difference by their own examination. I think the price for the boxes was fair, I think the price for the certificate was fair. "Poaching" is anytime you get something for under half price, right under everyones noses, not at some fleamarket.