Bolt from a clear blue sky!

That's what happened to me last Monday.
Telephone, modem and computer went to h-ll.
So now I have a very potent HP,
instead of that lousy 6 years old Dell....

Also new upgraded Photoshop but the big problem now,
is to get all things to work together, Office, Photoshop etc etc.
When I should close down the computer yesterday,
the text told me:
" Don't shut of the computer, you have 14 new upgrades!
It took 45 minutes.....
This morning it were 'only' 8 ugrades from Adobe, before I could start to work.

Yes, I bought a APC SurfeArrest Surge Protector, for both protection of electricity and telephone,
against thunderstorms and lightnings!
The guarantee covers up to € 50.000 ! 

Aboe all this, I bought a new phone and got a new telephone company.
The cellphone will not accept the 200 contacts I have on my new SIM card Bolt from a clear blue sky!,
so I'm back as when I lost the phone in Geneva.
I will not sit and manually pull in all numbers.
I had a backup phone number file, but it went to h-ll when the bolt arrived Bolt from a clear blue sky!

Guy's give me strenght!

Relax Sir...take a deep breath and after a while
07/14/2009 - 05:19
you may be able to resume your work. As they say, "Sxxt happens!"  
C'est la vie. i am sure u'll be back with a mightier HP with lots of .
07/14/2009 - 05:52
goodies for us. meanwhile a V&C to motivate u, friend. and a smile will solve all problems
Welcome back, Doc.
07/14/2009 - 07:17
As Rei so fluently put it, "Sh_t happens!" I can imagine all the hassle involved in getting things back up to speed but the important thing is that, once all that is done, you will be back stronger and better than ever!! Good luck, and patience my friend. Kazumi
Things will get better Doc!
07/14/2009 - 09:54
Hopefully APC will be relatively quick in payment for anything that needed to be replaced.  It will take time to customize your PC and phone again, but once its all done - back them up and hopefully you won't have to redo anything for a long time If the 200 contacts are on your SIM card, then I think your phone should be able to read them directly from the card (although I know the amount of information per contact on a SIM card is less than the amount allowed on a phone's internal memory). Be strong, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Best Wishes, Dan
to quote Bobby McFerrin "don't worry be happy" :-) (nt)
07/14/2009 - 13:00
Thanks all of you my dear friends!
07/14/2009 - 20:05
Managed finally to get the numbers into the new telephone, I made a save when I got the lost cellphone back from Geneva. But problem was to open the file, since all programs crashed, even though the hard disk was OK! With a program from Nokia I managed at last , with a great help from a friend ! 200 contacts... So one week it all has taken me, to get the new computer working, and than the new cellphone from an new telephone company also working. It's amazing when things just works, but really terrible when it breaks down. So my advice to you, my dear friends, get an external hard drive! Now I got it ALL here AND make a backup file of all your cellphone contacts - NOW !! Enjoy life and even some rain in between Doc
For most of my not too 'confidential' data
07/14/2009 - 22:54
I have a team of experts to manage it... Thank you GOOGLE! Matthew
07/15/2009 - 01:31
I had no idea that you been in my cellar Cheers Doc
Looks like a scene from the movie "Tron"! Lol... (nt)
07/15/2009 - 06:58