Referring to the excellent article by Alex, as always, below, I have to write this post,
mostly for the ones who don't know, but also for all who supported me, when I once thought of writing THE BOOK
 THE BOOK., perhaps when I was retired.

I think the man below is right in all he says.
THE BOOK would be a book for the collectors.It would be a book about refernces of movements, watches,
model names, number produced, the years each model was produced. Materials. Markets. 
Why they were produced. Where to find them, yes you could go on and on.
Of course some history, but the ancient is already in the two coffe table books there are.
But what's written about the 'modern' history from 1930 up until now?
It's amazing that the only book of value is:


It's from 1992 byAnton Kreuzer from the publisher Carinthia Verlag, yes it's in German.

The other possibilites are, second best:


and third best is:


That means Vacheron&Constantin has never supported any detailed information or helped any interested writer
to come forward with a publication, that could rise some 'extern' interest!
Like when they wewre asked about advertisement in the 1940s and answered:' a good wine sells itself'!
So it's not.
The best book is quite unknown, even though I written about it here, and know that some of you got it.The other are auction catalogues from the true Antiquorum.
The rest of the collecting world has no clue about these books. Even if they had, they wouldn't read them, 
because it takes a person with an already great interest in the brand to read them.
We have learnt the hard way, BUT we are aficionados, and that don't help when you sell some of your watches,
belive me, I done that the last years. There is a very small market out there. To sell a Rolex vs a V&C,
is like to sell a Volvo contrary to a limited Citroen!

Let me tell you a story about Marine Chronometers which I'm intersted in. There is still only THE BOOK. 
Many have tried but one book keep coming in reprint year after year.
It's 'The Marine Chronometer' by Rupert T.Gould, first published 1923 (!), 
the one I have now is falling apart after much use, is edition from 1960,
which is reprinted 1971, 1973, and mine is from 1976!
Get that? 
A good book that is complete, rests as a good watch, forever. 
In this book is just everything you need to know, all the figures etc. 

I think that Vacheron Constantin should give Alex one year leave for writing our book. 
THE BOOK about Vacheron&Constantin.
Alex is an extremely good writer, he knows the languages, both French and English and has a tremendous knowledge.
On top of that he is sitting inside the lions nest.
In such case I would stand by, and if needed, which I don't believe, give any help.

Remeber this my friends, this is urgent, and it's not only Doc who says it, you read it below,
and I heard it from UK, USA, France, Germany, Singapore and HongKong...where some of my watches have ended up!

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Listen to Doc, his words ring TRUE!
11/03/2010 - 03:31
Being similar to Doc in terms of interests in VC and Marine Chronometers, I've been looking for both of the books that Doc has mentioned, by Kruezer and Gould.  Luckily I have the others already. Doc has posted passages from the Kruezer book that contains technical information found nowhere else, even in German - it is possible for a native English language speaker to pick up many of the technical details within the book.  But as Doc says, you have to be an aficianado to go through it, but if you are - its goes by quickly! BR, Dan
Thanks Dan!
11/04/2010 - 08:48
Yes YOU and we aficionados got Kreuzer's book, and that should tell! If WE get a small 'lousy' book, very unintersting in layout, printed as a repair manual for a 911 from Haynes, than what does other peolple want? A big fat luxury book that apeals to you with all facts! As you write, it's urgent. Cheers Doc
doc, thanks for speaking my harboured thoughts.we need that "bible"nt.
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Nice watches on your 'thumbnail'!
11/04/2010 - 08:55
Yes every day, month, year that's passing makes the book more needed...before it's to late! Take care my friend Doc
my question is do we need a book on VC or a book on specific
11/03/2010 - 11:18
watches? The Secrets of VC is an excellent book on the brand's history and there is little to add to it. But a more technical book for example on chronographs, or triple dates or Chronometre Royal etc... with production dates, variatione etc... would make sense.
My interest is in a Technical Book about VC's watches of the years...
11/03/2010 - 13:14
I have "Secrets" and "World" and don't need another with overall history. Give us the knowledge about production dates and quantities, variations, etc.  I think this is what Vacheronistas really want to sink their teeth into, I know I do BR, Dan
Dan, there is nothing more to add but
11/04/2010 - 09:51
you are speaking in the way I and I guess all watch collectors do. Even if they not are already aficionados but have several brands, they want to know more. When I bought a Porsche 911 second hand 20 years ago, first thing was to by Haynes Manual.  When I bought the first Harley-Davidson, a Sportster I bought Clymer's manual and a book about Sportster Or when I bought a Softail with the Evoloutin engine Twin cam, I bought this manual Then I knew everything about those engines and could pick them to pieces and overhaul them. I also in the 'bible' about Sportster got all facts, start of production, engines through the years etc. etc. Cheers Doc
I have Clymer manuals too! :-)
11/04/2010 - 11:33
For my 1991 VW Passat, the first year they were available in the U.S., my 1996 H-D Fatboy and my 1991 BMW R100RS motorcycles! Needed to know how to do things myself because I couldn't afford to take them to mechanics unless it was well beyond my capability . I just love this place and all of its Loungers! BR, Dan
Either Or...
11/03/2010 - 16:44
One grand book with many chapters or a series of smaller publications, each on a specific model, family or technical aspect, would fill the need.  Aside from a focus on the iconic references I would also like to see a continuation of the archival photos as featured in Lambelet, and a year-by-year accounting of the available models (with production numbers, but no hope of that ).  A balance between "face" and "heart" would break new ground for watch publications, as so many books feature beautiful exterior photographs but neglect the wonderful movements that are the raisons d'être. My wife now calls the watch books and magazines "watch porn".  I feel something stirring.
I know Dean
11/04/2010 - 09:57
that you are the really intersted man about figures and details, and also that you got a lot of them. We all got something in our homes, that could be a good support for a fantastic writer, and i know the one, Alex! Cheers Doc
I too want the technical book....
11/03/2010 - 17:36
and I want production volumes indicated as well. I cannot see any compelling reason not to reveal such information on retired references. You've done it for the Mercator, for instance, and the sky hasn't fallen. Bill
Well spoken Bill !
11/04/2010 - 10:02
You and I have talked about this for ages. You if anyone also have information like no one else. If Vacheron Constantin doesn't realise that this book is of importance, than I don't know what to think! Take care Doc
"The Definitive VC Book for Collectors"
11/03/2010 - 22:41
Hi, Alex, Doc, Bill, and friends! I second it! Jian
Hi Jian, it's been awhile, good to see you! (nt)
11/04/2010 - 02:46
Re: Thanks, Dan, good to see you too! (nt)
11/04/2010 - 17:13

PM sent.

WOW Jian seeing you here takes me way down memory lane, welcome
11/04/2010 - 10:05
Re: Thanks, Alex!
11/04/2010 - 17:22
Yeah, in Spanish we say, "how much has it rained since then?" :-) I will try to be around as much as I can. Best, Jian
Jian! You been as absent as I !
11/04/2010 - 10:06
Nice to see you back and I know very well how you want that book.  How many times you asked about information and literature when you really started taking off! Nice seeing you again, been to long Doc
Hi, my dear old Doc
11/05/2010 - 00:11
(I posted an answer but didn't show. Here goes again) Hi, my dear old Doc, You are right. It has been almost ten years since my first VC piece and I am still learning. So, what I would suggest is that THE BOOK should focus on the need of collectors, providing information collectors look for: technical specifications of the movements, models and their evolutions in time, and their reference numbers, date and production, etc. You know that we all have picked up small pieces of info here and there, but THE BOOK should be where you can find it all in one place. Additional to the books you mentioned, there is another one: "VC Horological Complications", which I find pretty interesting and illustrative. So great be back and among old and new friends! Thank you all! Best Jian
My old friend Jian,
11/05/2010 - 12:20
I get so happy seeing your name again, it gives me the turvbo kick, which I need after written 1000s and 1000s posts at this forum and before  at ThePuristS where we all met! Stay with me, Jian Doc
Alex, my old companion, for once you are wrong!
11/04/2010 - 09:32
'Secrets of VC' is not a good book. It's a good coffe table book. I still think that if I had to chose, I would take 'World of VC' before the Secrets, because it's still got some very nice general history about Europe Secrets got some nice pics but if I was a new VC owner who happened to buy this watch, and wanted some more information about it, what information could I get? I could find the first one's, on page 267, from1929 and 1930 and a internal number of them, Inv.No. 10405 or 10194... or if I happen to find this from 1928  I would find two of nearly similar model by Verger at page 26, with Inv. no. 10490 and 10444, nothing about how many, what kind of movement, not how many versions or which Jewler makers who did them etc. etc. Alex, you have repeatedly written maginficent articles of certain watches, fully detailed and with all the relevant information. That's what should be incorporated in THE BOOK. Or perhaps two or even three books. I don't believe in 'technical book for example on chronographs, or triple dates or Chronometre Royal etc', yes for me personally and the aficionados, but not for people generally spoken. The kind of people who buy Rolex books or PP books or even Omega books. People that almost have started on this, the finest of them all, brand, Vacheron&Constantin! That's what I would like you to do and every night I pray to God you will Cheers Doc
Sorry the answer is below, the page or you kidded me! nt
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11/03/2010 - 22:42
Thanks Doc, for the hint. I placed my order for: Augenweide Armbanduhr - VC; even when I am surprised. I have a similar one about PP and it is nice - nothing more nothing less. Looking forward to get it in a few days Oliver
Oliver, I'm glad and you will be
11/04/2010 - 10:10
satisfied with more information, inm fact the only information in figures in any book. It's not entertaining as book, but it's content is enough! You will find many answers! live well Doc
Doc's liberty of concluding.
11/05/2010 - 12:47
THE BOOK is badly and urgent needed, for all Vacheron Constantin interested, even more for Vacheron Constantin to be seen outside the aficionado world!We are THE BOOK! The total knowledge here could make an encyclopedia for Vacherion Constantin! Juan-Torres. you rember this I hope I was a gift from us in 2005, the first time I visited Vacheron Constantin and met you. I ask you as the open and forward looking man I know you are, to get the work with THE BOOK started, as soon as possible! My honest belive is that Alex would be absolute perfect as editor of that book. He is,  as I written many times before, a very good writer, For those who don't know, he has written articles in the French magazine Montres for several years. They are very intersting, if they are well written, my French is not enough to judge , But I liked them. Of course Alex has the last word, but if he would accept the challenge, he must have the time to do it,  someone else have to get the forum running, I could with support try get some time for that! BTW, I'm not retired as I believed, I'm consultant in an English Ltd, consultant in a Swedish company, no not watches, I even act as a very private doc in a friends small company, for various reasons.  I also happen to run my own company and I have this little estate with 7 roofs to handle... So important is the book. So it's up to two persons Juan-Carlos and Alex, both I consider as friends, Alex as a younger brother. Do it! Doc