Books it was....

As I been asked by Patrice, among others, about a good book about pocket watches,

I have said that I haven't found one, but the statement needs qualifying.

The truth is that the subject pw's is so enormous,

because it is everything before the 1920's, really.

There are of course books, I have some,

like the "Pocket watch handbook", but don't buy books like that,

because they are all type, "Readers Digest", you know either everything before,

or it's dubious shortenings of knowledge.

I have been thinking and finally it hit me !Books it was....

This is it !

The outside is nothing to show, it's red without text, exept on the spine.

Books it was....

Books it was....

It's about 380 pages, very clear and easy understandable text and illustrations.

The horlogical history from scratch.

If you really want to understand the evolution of watches it's all in here.Books it was....

Books it was....

Books it was....

It also explains all complications in a very fine way, always referring to plates like these ones.

Books it was....

You have to search for the facsimile from 1979, which is exactly as the original from 1929.

Big pages.

This is the first book that made me understand the technical background of watches, and still a bible to me.

It was the first book I brought from the shelves when I bought the jumping repeater from 1827.

I also have F.Lecoultre's "A Guide To Complicated Watches", which is nice, but everythingin that,

you'll find in Baillie !

DON'T buy "Watchmaking" by George Daniels, unless you are intending of CREATING a watch from scratch !

It's beautiful, but to me, on an absolute to high level, since I'm not interested of building my own watches,

and above that it's exspensive....

Get Baillie ! Books it was....



I am happy you took on your time to find this book.
04/28/2008 - 15:38

Thank you my dear friend for this.