Bought a new pocket watch and would like some answers

I just bought a VC. pocket watch and the csae # is 179,888 the works are 296,051. What dates does this mean the watch was made? Should the case and works have the same #?  Where can I see pictures of other similiar pocket watches?

How does one determine value?

The watch has the name of a Washington D.C. jeweler named Harris and Shaffer.

Thanks for the help. Any reference materials would be helpful.

can you post some scans of your watch? Welcome to the
03/01/2008 - 10:16


here are FT Doc's photos
03/01/2008 - 20:27

It's a lady's pendant from,
03/02/2008 - 00:28

around 1895-1900.

Quite fashion at the time. Worn on the dress.

Nice enamel and it's also good that it still has the attachment,

which often are missing.

I'm not sure that the later is original,

should have a hallmark in such case.

Several of these are seen in the litterature.

Exported by Vacheron&Constantin to several reatailers in USA.

A very nice watch with fine enamel.

Vacheron&Constantin hallmark on the case but surprisingly not at the movement.

Anyhow both the movement number and the case number seems to be allright for the period.

The case and the movement never have the same number on any VacheronConstantin watch.

They have made more movements than watches.

Movements were sold to other watchmakers from Breguet to different

sellers in other countries, not least Cartier was a big customer and also Tiffany.

Congrats to a nice watch


Re: It's a lady's pendant from,
03/02/2008 - 08:03

Thanks for comments. Where can I read up on this watch in general. I tried to find more info on this Washington D.C. Jeweler but had no success when I googled etc. What is a watch like this worth if you know?


We never discuss worth of watches here,
03/02/2008 - 11:38

that's an unwritten rule.

Best books are "World of Vacheron Constantin" and "Secrets of Vacheron Constantin",

both quite exspensive.

You have a nice watch but it doesn't represent so much in money,

depending on the market and there are many, with the words,

Vacheron&Constantin, both on the dial and on and on the movement !

Enjoy it as a piece of art