Boutique and Special Edition references Catalogue

in access here on THL could be interesting IMHO.

What do you think about dear Alex and Loungers?



a Titan's task
08/15/2014 - 16:54

In the 1st days of the Lounge I used to sum up the special boutique and market special pieces as there were maybe a dozen per year but between the special market watches and those available in boutiques (think of all the Metiers d'Art etc) the list would be amazingly long!

End of 2014 I'll do a list with only the pieces available for a special market

It will be very useful and welcomed
08/15/2014 - 18:13

Thank you Alex for these positive answers.

Maybe Vacheron Constantin Marketing team could help you to implement, starting from 2015 each new Special Market Editions ;-))

A TLH wish for your post 260th Anniversary period!!

Many thanks Alex,


Alex Ghotbi, Atlas, Cronus, Hyperion...
08/16/2014 - 11:46

From Wikipedia, the 12 original Titans were:

Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius, and Iapetus and the females—the Titanesses or Titanides—were Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, and Themis.

From Wikipedia, the second generation of Titans consisted of:

Hyperion's children Helios, Selene and Eos;

Coeus's daughters Leto and Asteria;

Iapetus's children Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius;

Oceanus' daughter Metis; and

Crius' sons Astraeus, Pallas, and Perses.


From Dan Shao, the third generation consists of:

Alexandre Ghotbi

Christian Selmoni

Dominique Bernaz

Vincent Kaufmann

Good one DAN LOL.
08/16/2014 - 11:56
Here's hoping that VC has a smoother succession plan....
08/16/2014 - 21:39

than did the Titans or the House or Atreus. :-)



LOL :-)
08/17/2014 - 01:07

Hmm, considering that Atreus's grandfather was Tantulus...and where the word "tantalize" is derived from - there may be a paraller as VC is always tantallizing me!  (We'll ignore why/how Tantulus became "tantalize", that has nothing to do with VC's culture angelwink)